12 Fascinating Tidbits From LGBT+ History

Queerness dates back as far as humanity, but much of our history has been lost to cis- and hetereo-normative retellings of history. 
So, this season, instead of arguing with your friends over whether Happiest Season was any good, try breaking out these fun facts. 


The lesbians drive Subarus' stereotype exists because of a targeted ad campaign. It's Not a Choice. It's Not a Choice. It's the Way We're Built. It'


Sally Ride was the first (and only) known LGBTQ astronaut. This was revealed in her obituary, written by her partner of 27 years. Ride is best known f


The world's oldest porn shows bisexuality. k The Kangjiashimenji Petroglyphs are over 3,000 years old and show fertility ceremonies. NOW YOU KNOW CRAC

Source: Slate


The Sacred Band of Thebes was an elite troop of 150 gay couples. They defeated the Spartan army and remained undefeated for 30 years during the 4th ce


Albert Cashier was a trans man who served in the Union Army during the Civil War. Cashier was captured but escaped and returned to service until he wa


The P. in Marsha P. Johnson stands for Pay it no mind. The activist would use the phrase frequently when questioned about her sex. NOW YOU KNOW CR

Source: Out History


TWo men were buried in an Egyptian tomb like a married couple. Dating back to 2400 B.C., the pair of royal manicurists may be the first recorded gay c

Source: The Dallas Morning News


The Bugis people in Indonesia recognize five genders. Bissus are androgynous or intersex shamans who act as the go-between for humans and deities. NOW

Source: ABC.net


Let the same laws for all the intermediate stages of sexual life: the homosexuals, heterosexuals, bisexuals, asexuals, be legal as they are now in ex

Source: Slate


Eve's Hangout in NYC was one of the United States' first lesbian bars. DSTRICT KIPS GRAMERCY WEST VILLA ENWICH VILLAGE EAST VILLAGE tholland: S ARE NO

Did you know there are only 15 lesbian bars remaining in the U.S.? 


Julie d'Aubigny was a 17th century bisexual opera singer and talented fencer. She took holy orders in order to follow her girlfriend into a convent, b

Source: Bi.org


In the early 1 900s, doctors warned bicycles would turn women gay. They worried the vibrations would lead to high sex drives and lesbianism. NOW YOU K

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