Common Misconceptions About The Human Body

The human body is still mysterious to the scientific community, let alone the pop culture world. Get to know yourself a little better by challenging your own misconceptions about your body, such as…


Waking sleepwalkers does not harm them They may become disoriented upon waking, but sleepwalking can cause life-threatening injuries, like attempting

Source: Sleep Foundation


It's okay to eat before you swim. CRACKED COM No studies have proven a correlation between eating and drowning. However, you shouldn't drink alcohol b

Source: The New York Times


Drowning doesn't look like we think it does. When someone is drowning, they most likely won't thrash around like in pop culture. They're likely to sho

Source: Slate


The blood in your veins is never blue. CRACKED COM De-oxygenated blood is a deeper red but appears blue because of the way our skin reflects white lig

Source: OSA


Stretching before/after an exercise doesn't reduce muscle soreness. CRACKEDCO Hey, if your doctor tells you TO, listen to them, not uS, though!

Source: NIH


Urine isn't sterile. CRACKED COM Don't urinate on an injury, and don't drink your own pee, goshdarnit.

Source: Science News


Different tastes can be detected on all parts of the tongue. 1 2 4 CRACKED CO Some areas of taste buds may have increased sensitivities, but tongue ma

Source: ASHA


Your hair and nails don't continue growing after you die. The skin dries up and shrinks away from the base of the hair and nails, giving the illusion

Source: BBC


Hair products can't repair split ends. CRACKED CON However, products can reduce the appearance and prevent split ends.


It doesn't take 7 years to digest swallowed gum. It moves as the same rate as everything else you swallow, but it resists being broken down by the bod

Source: Snopes


Sitting close to the TV doesn't hurt your eyes. CRACKED.COM People with bad eyesight sit closer to the television because they have bad eyesight.

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Rolling your tongue is learned, not genetic. CRACKEDCON The study that labeled it a genetic trait was from 1940, and it has since been disproved.

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If you shave, your hair doesn't grow back thicker. CRACKED CON It may appear to be darker /thicker because of the blunt (as opposed to tapered) ends.

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