15 Comedy Giants Who Were Straight-Up Rejected By SNL

Considering some of the featured players who have struggled for air time over the years, it's amazing that some ultra-talents never got a chance. Here are 14 comedy superstars who tried out for Saturday Night Live, only to get the cold shoulder from Lorne Michaels & Co.


JIM CARREY Carrey was only 18 years old when he auditioned for SNL. Didn't get the gig but he was quickly hired at Source: Entertainment Weekly


JOHN MULANEY ALL STAR CRACKED.COM After his audition, Mulaney got a call from seth Meyers with a writing job offer. I want to be clear, said Meyers, Source: Paste Magazine


ZACH GALIFIANAKIS Galifianakis thought he'd landed a spot in the cast but I got to New York and I realized quickly that was writing. That less-than-Source: AV Club


DAVID CROSS CRACKED COM His sketch group Cross Comedy did a showcase for SNL producers, which bombed big-time. He and SNL writer Bob Odenkirk went on Source: The Comic's Comic


MINDY KALING I had these fantasies of going to SNL and falling in love with some writer on SNL, of getting married and living in New York. Kaling waSource: AV Club


LOUIS C.K CRACKED.COM I'm so glad I didn't get cast on SNL. I'm way better off because I host it now. That's a million times cooler and more fun becaSource: Vanity Fair


GEENA DAVIS Geena Davis met with us in the lobby of the Century Plaza Hotel, remembers Harry Shearer, and it was all quite awkward and uncomfortablSource: Vulture


KEL MITCHELL Keenan's Good Burger buddy did a song about Michael Jackson if he was allergic to trees! I did like a moonwalk move and flipped the tablSource: Cinema Blend


LISA KUDROW The thing about my characters that I did at The Groundlings is they weren't the big crowdpleasers, said Kudrow. She was passed over for Source: Showbiz Cheat Sheet


JOHN GOODMAN GRACKEDCOM 13-time host (third place all-time!) but it was a hard no when he auditioned for the cast in 1980. Source: Screen Rant


AUBREY. PLAZA CRACKED.COM I wanted to be on that show for as long as I could remember, says Plaza. She landed an SNL internship in 2005 but didn't mSource: The Guardian


STEPHEN COLBERT When Lorne Michaels was asked Whom did you overlook that you kicked yourself over later? his first response was Stephen Colbert. Source: Hollywood Reporter


TIFFANY HADDISH If they don't give it to me, f*x*k them, Haddish said after her audition. They didn't. Haddish got the last laugh as the first blacSource: Decider


PAUL REUBENS CRACKED COM After losing a spot on SNL to Gilbert Gottfried, Reubens borrowed five grand from his parents to develop his own stage show. Source: UPROXX


STEVE CARELL Did he or didn't he? Lorne Michaels says he kicked himself over not hiring Carell after his audition. Carell claims he never tried out. Source: Entertainment Weekly