15 Weird Products Companies Put Their Brands On

The first rule of capitalism is, "nothing is ever enough." Corporations always want more -- if they own the cart, they also want the horse, and if they have cake, they want to eat it too. Now, some broadening attempts kind of make sense within the market game -- if you sell soap, your know-how can be transferred to shampoo; and if your product is cars, you can easily branch out to buying out environmental authorities. Those all complement each other.

These, on the other hand, don’t make a lick of sense. Not even on paper can you see what convinced the top bras to go along with these left-field ideas. They weren’t just thinking out of the box -- they set the box on fire and scattered the ashes to the wind. Come on, try and figure out the thought process behind these:


COLGATE FROZEN MEALS Would you want to eat lasagna that makes you suspect it tastes like toothpaste? Yup, we didn't think you would. That might be whySource: Weird Universe


NASCAR ROMANCE NOVELS In 2009, NASCAR teamed up with publisher Harlequin to put out -themed novels, some of them even featuring real-life drivers. Is Source: New York Times


CHEETOS LIP BALM Who would want to smear cheetos on their lips? Pre- Cheetor teen girls, that's who, apparently. This company named Lotta Luv markets Source: Weird Universe


Coors sparkling water
When you’re known for your beer, it’s definitely a good idea to remove everything that goes into beer except the water, and sellMore: TIME


SMITH & WESSON BICYCLES There doesn't seem to be much of a straight line from firearms to bikes, does it? The bicycles that Smith & Wesson Sources: Business Wire, Police Bike Store


EVIAN WATER BRA Do your breasts often burst into flame? Then the Evian Water Bra is for you! This water- mkan ey cooled bra will stop your fiery bosomMore: The 7 Most Baffling Products Ever Released By Famous Brands


BURGER KING PERFUME Are you trying to be appealing to people who are sexually into hamburgers? Then you should wear Burger King's Flame perfume, whiMore: The 7 Most Baffling Products Ever Released By Famous Brands


Yogurt labels are printed, and that’s the only reason we can think of why a magazine would branch out into dairy products. Maybe yogurt was the secretSource: Marketing Week


COCA-COLA'S MILK SODA A huge company like Coca-Cola couldn't just branch out into something unlikely- -they had to go and create their very own somethSource: Smithsonian Magazine


SYLVESTER STALLONE PUDDING Of course, as it's Sly Stallone we're talking about here, it wasn't just pudding- was protein pudding. Sadly, someone sued More: The 9 Most Utterly Insane Products Released by Famous Brands


BIC UNDERWEAR When all you have is a cheap, disposable hammer, everything looks like a cheap, disposable nail - SO Bic thought that people Source: Forbes