Behind-The-Scenes Photos That Give Us Happy Endings To Sad Movies

The world can be a terrible, awful, no-good place. So sometimes we like our escapism to be … escapist. Here some photos behind the scenes of sad movies that will let you imagine an alternative timeline where everything works out and everyone's happy! Hooray!!!


LES MISERABLES Anne Hathaway's Fantine finally gets some relief. The tragiC character got a nice coat and a good laugh.

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KILL BILL In another world, Taratino's revenge fantasy could be a story of friendship and forgiveness (but would still obviously be very violent).


SCHINDLER'S LIST Yoa srowam sal Speulti a The girl in the red coat is smiling, alive and well.

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MARRIAGE STORY These crazy kids work it out after all, and even their lawyers aren't so bad. CRACKED.COM

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TITANIC Proof: There's actually enough room for three people on that door.

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TITANIC EXIT DA DE VDIO Look, Leo never drowns because they were roleplaying in a kiddie pool.

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ROOM Brie Larson's character Joy went through enough ... and came out thumb-up a-okay!

Source: Room Featurette


A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET Turn that nightmare into a dream, and imagine Freddy being loved and accepted, despite his homocidal tendencies.


BEN HUR Choa In this alternative ending, Judah and Messala reconcile and drive away in a chariot.. er moped.

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LORD OF THE RINGS A hero's journey can really be cut down if you use a helicopter.

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DARK NIGHT RISES Imagine the Dark Knight triology as a light-hearted romp between some friends recovering from traumatic pasts.

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HARRY POTTER Pictured above: Snape lets go of his friendzoned grudge and doesn't go about bullying an orphan. CRACKED.COM

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HARRY POTTER These two! Whatta bunch of chuckleheads. Imagine if Dumbledore helped Voldemort use his power for good.

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BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN cugookrcooeenor Ennis and Jack are still alive and together in the early 2000s and look better than ever!

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TWILIGHT Kristen Stewart petting Taylor Lautner, standing in for his CGI wolf self, is still a better love story.

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EDWARD SCISSORHANDS Kim and Edward get to be together. (And it's not just Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder's doomed romance.)

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