17 Random Facts to Scratch That Curiosity Itch in Your Brain

You’re curious. It’s the only explanation for what you were doing the other day. (No, don’t ask us how we know. We just do.) And because we value your business, we periodically prepare these random tidbits of knowledge, so you can get your fix and keep coming for more -- because like Alexander Hamilton, you’re never satisfied.

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GALAXY QUEST WAS GOING TO BE DIRECTED BY HAROLD RAMIS. Ramis wanted to make the movie a straight spoof, closer to Spaceballs than to the love letter tMore: 5 Bizarrely Different Early Versions Of Beloved Movies


THE ARMY HATES THAT KILLER CYBORGS HAVE A BAD NAME. The U.S. military really wants cybernetically enhanced soldiers, as shown by their report titled CMore: The Army Is Worried Movies Gave Killer Cyborgs A Bad Rap


STEVE MCQUEEN'S INFIDELITY SAVED HIS LIFE. The actor was due to attend the dinner party where Charles Manson's cult killed actress Sharon Tate and fouMore: 6 Celebrities Who Narrowly Cheated Death In WTF Ways


ALLERGIES KEEP GETTING WORSE BECAUSE OF TREE SEXISM. An old recommendation by the U.S. Department of Agriculture advises that only male trees be used More: Allergy Season Is Getting Worse And 'Botanical Sexism' Is To Blame


BOOMERS ARE BIGGER SNOWFLAKES THAN MILLENNIALS OR ZOOMERS, ACCORDING TO SCIENCE. A study by the Michigan State University shows that, as a whole, geneMore: Science Declares Boomers Are More Sensitive Than Millennials