15 Embarrassing Phases Fictional Characters Want You To Forget

Look, we all go through cringeworthy periods. There’s nothing to be ashamed of (other than photos and social media posts from such times, that is). And fictional people are just like us -- after some time upon this Earth they go, “There has to be more to life than this,” and start trying new stuff. As they operate by their own rules, though, this new stuff isn’t a sports car or a radical haircut -- instead, it takes the form of unusual storylines and weird reinventions. As it happens, these often don’t stick -- and in fact, most of the time they really shouldn’t.

We’ve collected a few disconcerting creator-induced midlife crises of fictional characters, so you’ll feel better about having only gotten a gym subscription you never used.


SUPERMAN BECAME AN ELECTRIC SUPERHERO OR RATHER TWO. In the late '90s, Supes went from being the world's most powerful man to the world's most powerfuSource: CBR


The Thing was a whiny (and regular-looking) teen once.
In Hanna-Barbera’s Fred and Barney Meet the Thing (where, disappointingly, Fred and Barney neveSource: Inverse


HE-MAN PUT ON PANTS TO FIGHT SKELETOR IN THE FUTURE. In The New Adventures of He-Man, a '90s sequel series to the classic show, a pants and ponytail-wSource: CBR


Iron Man was killed and replaced by his teenage self.
In a confusing time travel plot during the ’90s, Tony Stark was revealed to have been brainwasheSource: Screen Rant


Wonder Woman had a stint as a kung fu detective.
In 1968, Wonder Woman lost her powers and her outfit, and spent the next five years roundhouse-kickinMore: The 6 Most Unintentionally Hilarious Superhero Reinventions


CAPTAIN AMERICA STOPPED BEING CAPTAIN AMERICA AFTER CAUSING NiXON'S DEATH. During the height of Watergate (you know, back when comics weren't pSource: CBR


FRED FLINTSTONE WAS A COP (ALONG WiTH THE SHMOO. In the early '8Os, Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble had an ACAB phase (All Cavemen Are Brought back Sources: WebRock, Howard Lowery.com


Storm became a female Mr. T.
In the ’80s, Mr. T was everywhere -- so Storm, of all people, was turned into Clubber Lang. In what started as a joke thaMore: The 6 Most Unintentionally Hilarious Superhero Reinventions


REMEMBER WHEN CONNOR MACCLEOD WAS AN ALIEN? In Highlander II: The Quickening, it's revealed that Macleod and all the other immortals are aSource: Den of Geek


THE PUNISHER WAS TURNED iNTO A LITERAL ANGEL. In 1998, Frank Castle stopped killing gangsters and killed himself instead just to return More: The 6 Most Unintentionally Hilarious Superhero Reinventions


WOLVERINE WAS A NOSELESS BEAST FOR A WHiLE. In the '90s, Wolverine devolved into a more brutal, animalistic, adamantiumless version of himself- -whichSource: CBR


THOR WAS A FROG FOR A SPELL. In a 1986 storyline, the god of thunder became an actual, honest-to- the-Aesir frog, and joined his fellowSource: Hollywood Reporter


Batman was a hollow-Earth truther.
The Dark Knight has had more than his fair share of weirdness (he’s the goddamn Batman, after all), but nothing is More: The 6 Most Insane Batman Scenes Ever Written