15 Creators Who Ripped Off (Their Own) Works

Look, being creative isn't easy. It's not something you can turn on and off at will, and it can be harder if you're expected to perform on demand. In short, creativity is pretty much like sex -- and like sex, sometimes everything goes swimmingly, and sometimes you can only think back to good old times. These creators didn't just think back -- they brought the good old times to the present by creating the same things again. Hey, if they worked once, they might very well work again, right?


Aaron Sorkin constantly reuses his own dialogue. I could buy his house four times and turn it into my ping-por room. -Tom Jeter, Studio 60 I could Source: YouTube


Chuck Berry used the same music for two different songs. Berry composed No Particular Place To Go while he was doing time in the early '60s. Just thSources: “School Days” (YouTube), ”No Particular Place To Go” (YouTube), Springfield News Leader


J.J. Abrams told the same story twice in different franchises. An orphan with her bike. A different orphan with his bike. The Force Awakens retells A More: 6 Directors Who Secretly Made The Same Movie Twice


Ryan Tedder denies that two songs he wrote are the same. Already Gone Kelly Clarkson Halo Beyonce Kelly Clarkson was upset when she learned how muSource: Entertainment Weekly


A Mega Man creator made a game identical to Mega Man. In 2013, a crowdfunding campaign was started to create a video game titled Mighty No. 9. The devSources: Kickstarter, Escapist Magazine


Avengers: Age of Ultron was an episode of Buffy, The Vampire Slayer.
The characters wake up an evil entity that takes over the Internet, gets a robotiMore: 6 Directors Who Secretly Made The Same Movie Twice


Alan Menken and Howard Ashman wrote pretty much the same song for two movies. Somewhere That's Green --from Little Shop of Horrors Part of Your WorSource: Entertainment Weekly


Michael Crichton's Jurassic Park is Michael Crichton's Westworld with dinosaurs instead of robots. In Crichton's Westworld, the irresponsible use of sSource: Den of Geek


Rod Serling recycled the twist ending of Planet of the Apes. Astronauts crash-land on a desert planet, and the last survivor finds a landmark revealinMore: 6 Directors Who Secretly Made The Same Movie Twice


Hanna-Barbera kept ripping off Scooby Doo. As Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! was one of their biggest hits, they went and made it again. And again. And agSource: Screen Rant


Alien is based on a comedy by the same writer. In 1974's Dark Star, written by Dan O'Bannon, a blue- collar space crew picks up a monster which looks More: 4 Insane Unknown Backstories Behind Famous Movies