18 Random Facts to Quench Your Burning Thirst for Knowledge

You crave to learn. That’s why you come to Cracked, don’t you? Your brain is like a sponge -- because, let’s face it, it’s full of all the holes in your education. Hey, college ain’t cheap. But don’t fret! Holes exist to be filled, and that’s why we have laid out all these facts for you to plug there. It’s mostly random trivia, sure -- but college ain’t cheap for us either, is it?

And speaking of college-related cheap stuff, how about we start with...


Ramen was controlled by the Yakuza. Japan was a mess when World War II ended. In the face of food shortages and restrictions, the black market rushed More: 4 Everyday Foods With WTF Dark Histories


A lot of the Scots-language Wikipedia is just English with a “Scottish accent.”
A teen from North Carolina has been a major contributor to the Scots WMore: An American Teen (That Doesn’t Speak Scots) Wrote Half Of Scots Wikipedia


Wonder Woman had two secret identities in an unproduced series. In a pilot made in 2011, Wonder Woman was Diana Themyscira, CEO of a company that manaMore: Wonder Woman Undercover Boss: 5 Crazy DC Projects That Went Nowhere


Teddy Roosevelt loved boxing with random people. Roosevelt liked fisticuffs SO much that he had a boxing gym installed in the White House's basement, More: 5 'Huh?' White House Facts History Class Never Mentioned