15 Movies And Shows (That Started Out As Flops)

We usually think of success as a lightning that strikes at once. In most cases, however, it’s more like a flower -- it slowly grows up, until one day it blooms. Just ask the creators of these staples of pop culture. The reactions they garnered ran the gamut from “meh” to “boo,” but today everyone knows and loves them. Think of them as you keep trying to sell that trilogy about swashbuckling robots. One day, you might get to smell the success flower too!


WILLY WONKA AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY WASN'T GRITTY ENOUGH. The 1970s were the time of the New Hollywood, when dark movies like Dirty Harry, The GodMore: 5 Films Virtually Everyone Has Seen (Were Box Office Flops)


THE THING WAS TOO BLEAK FOR THE TIME. After the grittiness of the '70s, audiences were ready for more upbeat fare. That's when John Carpenter chose toMore: 5 Classic Works Everyone Forgets Started Out As Total Flops


BREAKING BAD BECAME BIG ON NETFLIX. For most of its run, Breaking Bad was just another AMC show. It got most of its fanbase when the first four seasonSource: Showbiz Cheat Sheet


MONTY PYTHON'S FLYING CIRCUS WAS KIND OF AN ACQUIRED TASTE. The show had dismal ratings when it first aired in 1969 - trailed behind literaSource: The Independent


THE TITLE FOR THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION WAS TOO MUCH OF A MOUTHFUL. Despite being one of the most beloved prison movies (or even just movies) of alSources: Vanity Fair, IndieWire


THE IRON GIANT WAS BARELY ADVERTISED. There wasn't a clear release date, or merchandising deals damn, there wasn't even a proper poster. After the faSource: Polygon


THE OFFICE WAS ALMOST CANCELED. The first season got a lukewarm reception, with viewers thinking it was just an inferior rehash of the BritishSources: Screen Rant, Vox


ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT WAS CONSTANTLY ONE STEP AWAY FROM CANCELLATION. Every episode ... was like a gift, because nobody was watching it, Michael CeraSource: BBC


LABYRINTH FLOPPING TOOK JIM HENSON BY SURPRISE. Puppets, music, and David Bowie's codpiece - Labyrinth has something for everyone. And yet, the movie Source: CinemaBlend


DAZED AND CONFUSED WENT MOSTLY UNNOTICED. For a movie legendary for giving us both Matthew McConaughey and his Alright, alright, alright, Dazed and More: 5 Films Virtually Everyone Has Seen (Were Box Office Flops)


THE WIZARD OF OZ WASN'T PROFITABLE FOR YEARS. Fantasy movies are a big draw today - but in 1939, audiences weren't too keen on magical tornado rides tMore: 5 Classic Works Everyone Forgets Started Out As Total Flops


A CHRISTMAS STORY TOOK YEARS TO BECOME A HOLIDAY CLASSIC. While the movie did somewhat OK in theaters, it completely vanished from screens after a fewSource: Vanity Fair


FIGHT CLUB WAS BOOED BY AUDIENCES. Releasing the movie with the Columbine shooting still fresh, while marketing it as a macho flick ratherSource: The Globe and Mail