18 Random Facts For Your General Edification

One day, you might hook up with a rich heir or a high-class socialite, and start getting invited to soirees where people wear cummerbunds and monocles, or at least shirts. What will you talk about with such distinguished people? You can't remain silent forever -- sooner or later, someone will say words in your direction, and you'll be expected to reply. Funny stories about your dog eating a frog once will only take you so far. You need to acquire culture -- or at the very least, simulate it by memorizing random facts. You'll be sure to impress your well-read hosts by recounting, for example, these:


There's a market for royal underwear. People exist willing to pay top dollar for underwear worn by famous people - not just celebrities, but also queeMore: 5 Weird Collector's Markets You Didn't Know Existed


A death row prisoner tried to get too fat for the electric chair. In 1952, Donald Snyder was sentenced to death for killing a 9-year- old girl. ResolvMore: 6 Crazy Methods Prisoners Used To Escape Execution


Women's restrooms weren't always bathrooms. In Victorian England, women were thought of as delicate creatures that would crumble at the dropMore: 5 Of The Weirdest Ways Toilets Shaped History


Richard Donner was never told what the budget for Superman was. It's a miracle Donner managed to make such a beloved movie, as the producers for some More: 5 Iconic Movies With Idiotic Behind-The-Scenes Beefs