15 Freaky Deaths that Prove the Grim Reaper Has a Sick Sense of Humor

There's a series of horror movies where Death offs its victims in extremely creative, implausible scenarios. It's called The Troll Reaper, we think. But bizarre, unlikely demises aren't a thing just in movies. Once in a while, Big Ol' Skullface changes their scythe for a party popper and decides to have fun in horrifying ways -- like these.


New York City, 1983 Dick Wertheim died from a severe case of BALL TO THE CROTCH. During the US Open, future tennis star Stefan Edberg (then only 17) sSource: History Collection


Netherlands, 2017 Hidr Korkmaz was ELECTROCUTED WHILE FISHING. Korkmaz, a former drug dealer, was a witness against a Dutch mob kingpin. But it wasn'tSource: NL Times


Florida, 2013 James Campbell was RUN OVER BY HIS OWN VAN (DRIVEN BY HIS OWN DOG). As Campbell opened a gate, the dog ran out, jumped into the van, andSource: HuffPost


Austria, 1567 Hans Steininger died when he TRIPPED OVER HIS OWN BEARD. Steininger, mayor of Braunau am Inn, rocked a bitchin' beard which grew past hiSource: Atlas Obscura


Oakland, 2007 Humberto Hernandez was killed by A FLYING HYDRANT. A SUV hit the hydrant after blowing a tire. The 200-pound lump of metal didn't just tSource: Los Angeles Times


San Francisco, 1854 William Snyder suffered DEATH BY CLOWN. 13-year-old Snyder was peddling candies during a circus show, when a clown suddenly grabbeSource: The Dead History


Brazil, 2013 Joao Maria De Souza was CRUSHED BY A COW IN HIS OWN BED. The COW, which had apparently escaped from a farm, got on De Souza's roof via a Source: HuffPost


New Zealand, 1926 Bobby Leach SLIPPED ON AN ORANGE PEEL. Leach, a daredevil who had survived gown doing Niagara Falls in a barrel, was killed by an orSource: Gizmodo


Vienna, 1867 Archduchess Mathilde ofAustria  CAUGHT FIRE FROM HER OWN CIGARETTE. Mathilde's father had forbidden her to smoke - SO when he walked in oSource: Royal Central


United Kingdom, 1924 Thornton Jones CUT HIS OWN THROAT WHILE SLEEPING. I dreamt that / had done it, Jones wrote for his family. I awoke to find it Source: The Evening Star


France, 1927 Isadora Duncan was KILLED BY HER OWN SCARF. The celebrated dancer was riding in the backseat of a sports car, when her long, flowing silkSource: Click Americana


Egypt, 1923 Lord Carnarvon was KILLED BY A MOSQUITO. (A CURSED MOSQUITO.) Lord Carnarvon accidentally slashed a mosquito bite while shaving, and the eSource: Live Science


Moscow, 2014 Christophe de Margerie died when he CRASHED AGAINST A SNOWPLOW. WITH HIS AIRPLANE. De Margerie, CEO of a big French company, was about toSource: Reuters


England, 1881 Sir William Payne-Galwey was KILLED BY TURNIPS. Sir William, a former Member of Parliament, was out hunting when he tripped while crossiSource: The Northern Echo


England, 1975 Alex Mitchell LAUGHED HIMSELF TO DEATH. Mitchell laughed for a solid half hour watching his favorite TV show - then, he collapsed. His wSource: BBC