15 Unsolved Mysteries That Are Disturbing As Hell

Questions, it has been said, are more interesting than answers. Do you agree? In that case, you're in luck -- here we have a bunch of questions, and no goddamn answer anywhere. Sure, these aren't the big questions about life, universe, and Taco Bell's secret menu items -- but their sheer mystifying creepiness will leave an uneasy sensation in the pit of your stomach (just like secret menu items often do). Want to be perplexed? Bewildered? Puzzled over what secrets we might never learn? Then read on.


Who killed Lizzie Borden's parents? The name Lizzie Borden is synonymous with murderous maniac -people often glossing over the fact that she was acqSource: Smithsonian Magazine


What happened to Representative Hale Boggs? Boggs was the House majority leader in 1972, when he and fellow Representative Nick Begich took ofSource: 5 Weird Unsolved Mysteries Around Famous Deaths


Who killed Mark Ruffalo's brother? When Scott Ruffalo died in 2008, police said he had been playing Russian roulette- until they found out Source: 5 Weird Unsolved Mysteries Around Famous Deaths


Where did Bermeja Island go? 16th- and 17th- century maps consistently placed the tiny island northwest of Yucatan, Mexico -- but a survSource: Lonely Planet


What the Hell is the Tamam Shud L LA Mystery all about? All the Australian police could ever learn about the man they found was that he was Source: The 5 Creepiest Unsolved Crimes Nobody Can Explain: Update


Who buried the Saddle Ridge Hoard? While walking their dog, a California couple found in their property over 400 19th- century gold coins, worth a graSource: The Independent


Who was Kaspar Hauser? The boy was found wandering in Nuremberg, Germany in 1828, uneducated and acting strangely- but amazingly soon learned to read Source: Live Science


Who is creating the Toynbee Tiles?
Someone who is apparently very much into Stanley Kubrick and historian Arnold Toynbee has been embedding these messSource: The 5 Creepiest Unsolved Crimes Nobody Can Explain: Update


Where is D.B. Cooper (and his money)? In 1971, a guy using the name Dan Cooper took an airliner hostage, and demanded $200,000 and four parachutes. AfSource: FBI


Where is Lord Lucan? ls he Even alive? Richard John Bingham, 7th Earl of Lucan, was a British playboy- - also, a convicted murderer. He was declared gSource: Business Insider


How did the men in the lead masks die? Two Brazilian engineers were found dead in 1966. They had a notebook which mentioned swallowing capsules, but iSource: The 5 Creepiest Unsolved Crimes Nobody Can Explain: Update


Who made the Traub motorcycle? This bike was found in 1968, after tearing down a wall in Chicago. It had been hiding there for 50 years. It's the onlySource: Motorcycle Classics


What happened at the Dyatlov Pass? In 1959, nine Russian students went on a ski trip. While camping in a remote spot, they all fled their tSource: CNN


How did Flight 653 crash? The Malaysian Airlines plane was hijacked mid-flight in 1977, and both pilots were killed (along with the hijackerSource: 8 Unsolved Crimes That Were Clearly Committed By Satan


Did UFOs kill Zigmund Adamski? In 1980, Adamski was missing for five days before appearing on top of a coal pile, 20 miles from home. There weren't anSource: 7 Unexplained Deaths That Will Shake Your Faith In Reason