15 Creepy Crimes That Were Never Solved

Reality is scarier than any movie. Even worse than ghosts or vampires is the fact that horrible things can happen for no reason. Real life, unlike fiction, doesn't have to make sense -- so often it just doesn't. Sometimes there are no answers, and we never learn who committed a monstrosity, or why. All these are examples of just that -- awful crimes that resisted every attempt to crack them, and we can only look at them and wonder who could ever do something like that.


A TV star's death was (maybe) porn-related. By the 1970s, Bob Crane had gone from star of the successful sitcom Hogan's Heroes to washed-upSource: Entertainment Weekly


Elizabeth Short hoped to be in movies -but movies were made about her. Dubbed Black Dahlia by the press due to her alleged penchant for black clotheSources: FBI, Entertainment Weekly


Who were the Sumter County Does? They were a young white couple, possibly well-to-do foreigners. There's some indication that the guy might be CanadiaSources: Doe Network (198UMSC - Unidentified Male), Doe Network (189UFSC - Unidentified Female)


No one knows who burned the Investor.
In 1982, a fire destroyed the fishing boat Investor in Craig, Australia. The fire was intentional, and the boat’Source: People


Jonathan Luna committed the weirdest suicide ever. Prosecutor Jonathan Luna left his office in Baltimore, Maryland Source: The 11 Creepiest Unsolved Crimes No One Can Explain: Part 1


The Texarkana Phantom was out of a teen slasher movie. In early 1946, a mysterious serial killer attacked three young couples in parked caSource: These Unsolved Murders Will Make You Scared Of The Dark


The Peasenhall Murder reads like a mystery novel. The 1902 murder of Rose Harsent, in Peasenhall, England, ticks all the cliches and then some: A big Source: East Anglian Daily Times


The Rogerses were butchered. Literally. When two Houston police officers did a welfare check on Fred and Edwina Rogers, they found their pSource: Houstonia Magazine


Several people were murdered with Tylenol. 04 In September 1982, seven people died in Chicago after taking painkillers. Someone had openedSource: 8 Unsolved Crimes That Were Clearly Committed By Satan


John Bodkin Adams was a wealthy doctor (and maybe a serial killer). Doctor Adams' wealth had a dubious origin- he had his elderly female patients writSource: HeadStuff


Dorothy Jane Scott just up and disappeared.Scott had to bring her car around to pick up her co-workers -but then she just sped away and vSource: True Crime Society


Artemus Ogletree's death was all kinds of bizarre. In 1935, Ogletree was murdered in the Hotel President in Kansas City, Missouri. Before he was identSource: The 11 Creepiest Unsolved Crimes No One Can Explain: Part 1


Blair Adams was desperate to escape... something. Adams, a Canadian, took quite a trip. He crossed the border to Seattle, took a plane to Washington, Source: The 11 Creepiest Unsolved Crimes No One Can Explain (Part 2)