15 Silly Historical Mistakes From Famous Movies

Nobody expects filmmakers to get everything 100% right when they’re doing a movie set in the past. However, some mistakes can’t be overlooked… well, they can, but it’s really fun to point them out anyway. Mistakes like:


John Coffey is executed by electric chair in The Green Mile. That should've been impossible considering the film takes place in 1935 Louisiana. The stAngola Museum


Like he did in real life, Eazy-E sports his iconic White Sox hat in Straight Outta Compton. SOX CHICAGO WHITE SOX However, he also wears the hat durinThe Hollywood Reporter, MLB


The Hurt Locker is set in 2004 and features a YouTube reference. When Owen Eldridge spots an Iraqi man filming him with a camera, he jokingly says, HEW


Bernie tells the real-life story of the 1996 murder of Marjorie Nugent. Hornbuckle L. work answe to slioe It does not, however, tell the story of whicGQ


Cinematic classic Ben-Hur is set during the 1st century. BE Before the big race, Ben-Hur is given the Star of David so he can proudly display his JewiMy Jewish Learning


President Lyndon B. Johnson is using the wrong desk in Selma. JOHNSON'S ACTUAL DESK In the movie, we see Johnson use the iconic Resolute Desk, howeverSlate, LBJ Presidential Library


In Troy, two llamas can be spotted walking around a marketplace. The film is set around 1250 BC, so those llamas either swam across the Atlantic or soThe Guardian


Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End starts with our heroes visiting Singapore. That is more unbelievable than Jack Sparrow getting rescued from tScreen Rant, VisitSingapore.com


An episode of Breaking Bad references the 2011 assassination of Osama bin Laden. When Walt lays out his plan to simultaneously kill all of Mike's men Slate


In Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, Sherlock uses lipstick to sabotage a gun. 
Unless Sherlock invented tube lipstick, that trick should’ve been Harvard


In Back to the Future Part lI, Marty travels to his parents' prom in 1955. 2 It seems 1955 wasn't his only stop, because while he's there, he jams outReverb


Braveheart depicts William Wallace and his soldiers proudly wearing kilts into battle. Although kilts are iconic pieces of Scottish culture, they didnThe Telegraph


The Last Samurai takes us to 19th century Japan during the Meiji Restoration. During one part of the film, Katsumoto's village gets attacked by ninjasCIA


Django sports badass shades in Django Unchained. Unfortunately, those didn't exist in 1858 modern sunglasses were introduced in the early 20th centuryVulture


In Titanic, Jack tells a story about fishing on Lake Wissota as a kid. Considering Lake Wissota is an artificial lake that was filled in 1917 - five yChicago Tribune