15 Real Crimes Straight Out Of A Horror Movie

It’s nice being able to just hang out on your couch (pants optional) and watch scary movies about creepy killers or psycho lovers, knowing that you’re safe and sound while the outside world goes mad. Because sometimes, it really does go mad out there. Sometimes, you hear stories like:


Vistula river, Poland - The woman who went missing and ended up as a skin suit - Polish student Katarzyna Zowada went missing in 1998. Two months lateSource: MysteriesRunsolved


Tampa, Florida - The school teacher who tortured teens by demanding they cleanse themselves from demons - Danielle Harkins gathered the kids around a Source: Tampa Bay Times


South Africa - The Krugersdorp Cult Killings - A group of individuals, with Cecile Steyn at the helm, murdered 11 people between 2012 and 2016. They cSource: News24


Villa La Mas, Costa Rica - The Airbnb murder - Reviews of this Airbnb rental called it “scary” and “a nightmare,” but Carla Stefaniak decided to stay Source: The Daily Beast


Cantabria, Spain - Man’s decapitated head found in sex toys box - Maria del Carmen’s husband went missing, but she claimed he took some money and leftSource: Daily News


Bethesda, Maryland - The Lululemon Murder, or Murder in a Luxury Yoga Store - In March of 2011, two employees were found inside the Lululemon AthleticSource: Washington Post


 Chestnut Ridge, New York - The blogger who killed her son and blogged about it - Lacey Spears slowly poisoned her kid with salt, and blogged about hiSource: The New York Times


West Midlands, England - The Eriksson twins and a suspected shared psychosis -Swedish twins Sabina and Ursula Eriksson were visiting the UK in 2008 whSource: Vice


Pocatello, Idaho - The girl who was murdered by her classmates, Scream-style - Cassie Jo Stoddart was house-sitting when her boyfriend and two of his Source: The Criminal Journal


Somewhere in Minnesota - The young man who just disappeared - Brandon Swanson (19) was driving home one night when he accidentally drove into a ditch.Sources: The Charley Project, The 6 Creepiest Unexplained Phone Calls


Springville, Utah - The family who wiped themselves out - Benjamin and Kristi Strack were the parents of four, and they struggled with serious mental Source: Washington Post


Adelaide, Australia - The Snowtown Murders - In 1999, acid barrels were found in a bank vault containing the remains of eight people. Three men were eSource: ABC


 Thailand - The British man who got caught smuggling roasted fetuses wrapped in gold leaf - Uh, quite the sentence there. When the man was arrested heSource: 5 True Stories That Put Every Horror Movie To Shame


Warrington, England - The couple who trafficked people and kept them as slaves - A couple in their thirties were caught luring two separate LuthuanianSource: BBC


Speedway, Indiana - The Burger Chef murders - One of the strangest cases in the US, the murders of four young employees of the restaurant chain back iSource: Indy Star