15 Behind-The-Scenes Photos That Make Horror Movies Less Scary

The purpose of horror movies is to frighten you, but that doesn't mean cast and crew have to be anxious and terrified all the time. (Some directors disagree, but that's a different issue.) Behind the scenes, horror productions are more like Halloween parties where the treat is that you get to be in movies. (The trick is getting a good agent.) When the performers aren't trying to chill you, they just, well, chill -- in dress-up. And the show business counterpart of water cooler conversations shows movie monsters in a different light.


Michael Myers really likes his Dr Pepper. - He was already chugging the stuff in the first Halloween in 1978 -- and he was still at it for the 2018 seSource: Bloody Disgusting


There was love on the set of Creature from the Black Lagoon. - The actors beat Guillermo del Toro by several decades -- too bad the filmmakers were toSource: 10 Backstage Photos That Make Scary Movies Look Hilarious


The deadites are less scary when you see the puppeteers. - Then you realize that deep down, the Evil Dead movies are partly about a dude fighting hugeSource: 10 Backstage Photos That Make Scary Movies Look Hilarious


The Pale Man from Pan’s Labyrinth is adorable. - There’s no proof Doug Jones is saying “I have eyes only for you” here -- but then again, anything elsSource: 8 On-Set Photos That Break The Spell Of Famous Horror Films


Pennywise has a sweet tooth. - Children may be his main food, but even a monstrous extra-dimensional entity craves some  chocolate once in a while.Source: Screen Rant


Godzilla is a fun-loving monster. - Stomping on buildings? Why, he looks too friendly to even step on the girl’s toes. And we’re sure that guitar slapSource: 8 On-Set Photos That Break The Spell Of Famous Horror Films


Everyone in the ’70s smoked — drenched in blood or not. - We should cut young Carrie some slack here. The night when you get horribly humiliated in frSource: Dangerous Minds


Even an alien onslaught will stop for cake. - Louise Head, Newt’s stunt double in Aliens, celebrated her birthday on set. You can only wish to have spSource: 10 Backstage Photos That Make Scary Movies Look Hilarious


Becoming shark chow shouldn’t look this fun. - The mechanical shark in Jaws was nicknamed “Bruce,” after Spielberg’s lawyer -- and if this photo is anSource: NPR


Frankenstein’s monster has refined manners. - Just because you’re a brute abomination born from the sins of mad science doesn’t mean you have to rudelSource: Movie Market


Freddy’s got a gang. - As we all know, the Nightmare franchise is about cool Uncle Freddy and all the kids who hang around him to listen to his crazy Source: Nightmare on Elm Street Companion

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