15 Controversial Scenes You Probably Missed (Because They Were Wiped From The Face Of The Earth)

There was a time - it feels like a lifetime ago - when I didn't know about the dog sex scene in Sex and the City. But that part of my life is over, and I must forge ahead in this drab new era.

To their credit, HBO tried to shield me. The scene was shot and edited, but HBO said HB-NO! Our viewers must not witness a grown man putting peanut butter on his junk and letting his golden retriever go to town on it. That's too big a burden to bear.

And they were right. But I ignored them, and now we all know about the dog sex scene in Sex and the City. But we're in this together, and we can overcome anything. Maybe if we fill our brains with some other controversial deleted scenes, that one fact will retreat back to hell. It's worth a shot:


Beauty and the Beast 2017 CRACKEDCONI Lefou retreats to the bathroom, where he meets Monsieur Toilette, a sentient toilet that has been eating the Bea5 Deleted Scenes That Would've Made Movies 10 Times Darker


Deadpool 2 2018 CRACKEDcO COM The original scene blacks out before we discover exactly what Deadpool does with baby Hitler. A later extended cut showsSource: The Wrap


Indiana Jones and the Temple of DoOM 1984 CRACKEDco COM Steven Spielberg has traumatized generations of children, and his reign of teror was almost evSource: ScreenRant


IT 2017 The script originally called for Pennywise to straight-up eat a baby. It was an screen, but still brutally visceral death that was only ever pSource: Bloody-Disgusting


The Predator 2018 CRACKED COM They had to delete a scene of an actual predator - actor Steven Wilder Striegel had been convicted of attempting to lureSource: Variety


Zootopia 2016 CRACKEDCO COM This deleted scene reveals that every animal in Zootopia has a Taming Party, where they're given a shock collar that zapSource: DigitalSpy


Bird Box 2018 SPECIALREPORT In an on-screen news report, they used footage from an actual Canadian trainwreck that killed 47 people in 2013. Source: Fortune


Super Mario Bros. 1993 The Boom Boom Club originally included a bunch of strippers until someone remembered this is a children's franchise. Add posSource: Den of Geek


Fantasia 1940 CRACKED COM Disney thankfuly deleted scenes with two mind-bogglingly racist caricatures, Otika and Sunflower, who exist only to serve thSource: The Encyclopedia of Racism in American Films


Friends 2001 CRACKED CON Chandler and Monica went on their honeymoon, coincidentally, a month after 9/11. The episode originally had the couple being Source: Insider


Sex and the City 1998 Charlotte's new boyfriend wants to try some weird stuff in bed. She refuses, and walks out on him -only to return to see the guySource: Vanity Fair


Ocean's Eleven 2001 CRACKEDCO They originally demolished the famous New York-Nev York casino, but figured it was a bit too soon to bombard people withSource: Mirror


Batman V Superman 2016 Batman really walks right up to the edge of his no-kill rule when he uses some dude as a human shield. Source: ScreenRant


The Incredibles 2004 CRACKED COM Mr. Incredible chops off his fingers at a neighborhood barbequeue, and has to try to hide his gruesome self-mutilatioSource: Source


Toy Story 2 1999 In the wake of allegations against former Pixar CEO John Lasseter, they took out the blooper where Stinky Pete gets handsy with theSource: Variety