Surprising Ways Iconic Scenes Were Originally Supposed To Play Out

The creative process relies on coming up with a bunch of ideas and discarding most of them until you’re left with something good. So you expect the discarded ones to not be so great, but sometimes they’re truly weird. Like these:


The Blair Witch Project could have ended with Mike hanging from a noose or crucified by rope and wood. Those are the endings the filmmakers shot when Source: 7 Iconic Scenes (We Only Got Because The Movie Was Broke)


In Star Trek: The Motion Picture, the first version of the scene in which Spock decides to enter the inner sanctum of V'ger looked totally different. Source: The Hollywood Reporter


The original ending for Men in Black was a philosophical debate between Will Smith and the Edgar bug. Director Barry Sonnenfeld was (understandably) nSource: Monster Legacy


Freddy VS. Jason could have shown us Freddy raping Jason as a child. That scene, which ends with Freddy drowning Jason so he wouldn't tell anyone, wasSource: 5 Early Versions Of Movies That Would've Changed Everything


In Deadpool 2, the X-Force would originally get blown up by landing on a minefield. The filmmakers couldn't come up with a good reason for the plane fSource: Film School Rejects


In David Fincher's The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Nils Bjurman was supposed to be clothed in Lisbeth's revenge scene. Fincher asked people he knew wSource: Film School Rejects


The gag where Deadpool thinks he's blocked Cable's bullets with his sword, but then realizes he didn't block any, wasn't supposed to be in Deadpool 2.Source: Film School Rejects


We almost got to see Cap's severed head in Avengers: Endgame. One idea had Thanos toss the head, with the mask still on, to a living Captain America. Source: Empire Online


The final fight between Yon-Rogg and Carol in Captain Marvel was supposed to be a brawl. While shooting, they decided it didn't make sense that she'd Source: Film School Rejects


6 -JARRAH OLE 4z The magic cave in Lost was a last-minute substitute for a volcano. The show kept mentioning the inactive volcano on the island, and tSource: 7 Iconic Scenes (We Only Got Because The Movie Was Broke)


Avengers: Infinity War could have had dragons. They were in one of the ideas batted around for the Nidavellir forge sequence. In the end, the filmmakeSource: Film School Rejects


OT an AVICE The finale of Deadpool was supposed to be a huge shootout. The studio took $7 million from the budget at the last moment, forcing the filmSource: 7 Iconic Scenes (We Only Got Because The Movie Was Broke)


Ash wasn't an android in the original Alien script. He was made an android at the studio's suggestionc- originally, he was human. Which would have madSource: 5 Times The Studio Actually Knew What Was Best For The Movie