14 Movies That Hid Major Plot Points In Tiny Details

Bad filmmakers telegraph pretty much every important development to the audience. Better ones don’t. Better ones hide clues and leave breadcrumbs for audiences to pick up on. For example ...


Two details in Inglourious Basterds reveal why Aldo hates Nazis SO much. The scar on his neck is a rope burn (according to the script), which means heSource: 6 Minor Details That Reveal Major Things About Movie Worlds


Django from Django Unchained is Shaft's ancestor. HE MAN SAMUEL L. ACKSON SHAFT ANY OUESTIONSP Broomhilda's full name is Broomhilda von Shaft. Django,Source: 6 Minor Details That Reveal Major Things About Movie Worlds


In The Witch, one shot shows ergot, a hallucinogenic fungus, on the family's corn. Which means the family might have hallucinated everything and turneSource: 6 Movie Details You Never Noticed That Reveal The Whole Plot


In Knives Out, Marta's flashback doesn't show her putting a foot on the windowsill. That means the mud on the windowsill that Benoit Blanc notices cou


In Batman V Superman, Bruce Wayne gets smoke grenades marked pb for his fight with Superman. p3 P63 No: 6 Pb is the chemical symbol for lead, and inSource: ScreenRant


At the end of Return of the King, Samwise is elected Mayor of Hobbiton. sam... whtit and can 1 sily. about BLd scimn? samwise gimgee was electei 25 ol


In 1978's Superman, the fabric at the top of Clark's backpack when he goes to the Arctic is his baby blanket from Krypton. Which means he must have ke


In a scene in Ant-Man and the Wasp, we see huge Duracell batteries in Hank Pym's lab. Pym couldn't connect the lab to the main power grid, so that expSource: ComicBook.com


In Doctor Strange, one of the dimensions Stephen Strange passes through looks a lot like the Quantum Realm from Ant-Man. And it definitely is the QuanSource: Comic Book Review


The last shot of Cloverfield shows the monster's origin. As the camera pans away, something hits the water in the lower right corner. That's the only Source: 6 Minor Details That Reveal Major Things About Movie Worlds


When Agent J and Agent K visit Edgar's house in Men in Black, J spits out the lemonade he's been offered. That's because it has no sugar. Edgar ate alSource: Vulture


The terrorists holding Tony Stark at the start of Iron Man reveal the big twist. In Urdu, they say that they were working with his business partner, OSource: 7 Insane Easter Eggs Hidden in Movies and TV Shows