24 Super-Ding-Dong Theories About Celebs

Conspiracy theories are just fan fiction for real life. Why spend your time writing an alternate ending to Harry Potter, when you can write an alternate beginning for J.K. Rowling herself?

Here are some of the more bonkers conspiracy theories that'll make you do a double-take the next time you spot a pop star or public figure in the wild:


THE CONSPIRACY: Britney and Justin are clones. CRACKED c THE THEORY: The couple were in a car accident just before .Baby One More Time dropped. Brit wSource: Gizmodo


THE CONSPIRACY: Miley was bankrolled by Obama. CRACKED.COM THE THEORY: Any time Obama needed a distraction from eating mustard or wearing tan, there w


24 Super-Ding-Dong Theories About Celebs


THE CONSPIRACY: Khloe is O.J.'s daughter. THE THEORY: Kris Jenner, famously the wife of Simpson's lawyer, claims she had an affair with O.J. in the '8Source: MSN


THE CONSPIRACY: The llluminati killed Eminem Cbecause he wouldn't join their club) CRACKEDCON THE THEORY: He took 5 years to follow up Encore because


THE CONSPIRACY: JFK is still alive (and consulting for other presidents). CRACKED COM THE THEORY: The assassination attempt was real, but he survived,5 Insane (but Convincing) Theories About Dead Celebrities


THE CONSPIRACY: Steve Jobs is hanging out in Egypt. Mike Sington @MikeSington Steve Jobs is discovered alive and living in Egypt! CRACKED.COM THE THEOSource: @MikeSington


THE CONSPIRACY: Avril Lavigne's body double took over her life. THE THEORY: When we saw Lavigne go from a goth phase to a... slightly different goth pThe 5 Best Conspiracy Theories About Celebrity Impostors


THE CONSPIRACY: Katy Perry is JonBenet. CRACKED.cO THE THEORY: Perry is a mere 6 years older than onBenet, and their parents look kinda similar. You cSource: YouTube


THE CONSPIRACY: Michael Jackson's death was a distraction orchestrated by Iran. CRACKEDCON THE THEORY: How better to keep Americans from meddling in A


THE CONSPIRACY: Tom Cruise holds wife auditions. CRACKEDCON THE THEORY: He was SO powerful by the time of his third marriage that he auditioned Scarle4 Insane (but Convincing) Celebrity Conspiracy Theories


THE CONSPIRACY: Bob Marley was killed as a warning to other reggae artists. THE THEORY: The CIA was working to take out the Jamaican prime minister, aSource: High Times


THE CONSPIRACY: The moon landing was shot by Stanley Kubrick. THE THEORY: 2001: A Space Odyssey was such a big hit, the U.S. government wanted to giveSource: Gawker


THE CONSPIRACY: Lorde is a 40-year-old woman. CRACKEDC THE THEORY: She hasn't had any of the typical 20-something pop star gaffes or outbursts; she haSource: Deadspin


THE CONSPIRACY: Jay-Z's Roc-A-Fella diamond is llluminati imagery. THE THEORY: Okay, sure, everybody's in the llluminati. But Jay-Z has gone SO far asSource: Gothamist


THE CONSPIRACY: Disney assassinated Miley Cyrus. CRACKED.COM THE THEORY: Miley wanted a childhood, but Disney wanted money. So they offed her and read5 Crazy (But Intriguing) Celebrity Conspiracy Theories


THE CONSPIRACY: Stevie Wonder can see. llllth CRAGKED CON THE THEORY: He likes basketball, and once caught a falling mic stand: two things typical of Source: YouTube


THE CONSPIRACY: Bill Hicks didn't die; he just became Alex Jones. THE THEORY: The CIA kidnapped him and turned him into a right-wing propaganda machin5 Insane (but Convincing) Theories About Dead Celebrities