Tell Us Now: 20 Dumb Mistakes Hollywood Makes About Your Life

Movies and shows are supposed to be relatable. They're deliberately populated with everyday folks we can relate to, with everyday jobs we can relate to, in everyday cities, with everyday hobbies. Which makes it all the more baffling when the shows get the most basic details about those jobs, cities, hobbies, and other aspects of our lives wrong.

We asked our readers on Facebook to debunk the dumbest stereotypes that movies and shows spread about their lives. Here's what they told us:


TELL US NOW. Debrah S. says medical dramas get doctors wrong. Any time a film or show shows doctors or nurses performing medical lab tests. They don'Debrah S.


TELL US NOW. Melanie H. points out that kids in sitcoms show up, quip, and then shut up. In real life kids come in, say something dumb, leave, make uMelanie H.


TELL US NOW. Angela M. says the all- knowing AA is a myth. BR-coriIO lng are RECEPTION On TV, administrative assistants know everything going on in tAngela M.


TELL US NOW. No, Holly B. won't leave you the bottle. I'm a bartender and E think it's super weird whenever someone on TV orders a drink and says 'LeHolly B.


TELL US NOW. Tasha F. says not all Florida is Miami. Because of movies and shows, everyone's got a narrow idea of what Florida is. But North FL looksTasha F.


TELL US NOW. Tim S. has never seen a weekday morning like the ones on TV shows. Shoot, around here you got kids being picked up by the bus before theTim S.


TELL US NOW. Alex K. says nobody's yelling, in real restaurant kitchens. The best managers and chefs are the compassionate ones who value the people Alex K.


TELL US NOW. Gaming scenes in movies and shows leave Marc H. skeptical. As a lifelong gamer, I get the distinct impression that most TV and movie wriMarc H.


TELL US NOW. Sharon G. is sick of implausible CSI tech. I'm still searching for that computer program CSls use to take a grainy low resolution video Sharon G.


TELL US NOW. Jennifer W. is here for introverts. Someone on TV or movies who is quiet I doesnt have a ton of friends is either a crazy cat lady, plotJennifer W.


TELL US NOW. Gord G. is tired of schizophrenics like him being portrayed as violent, barely competent losers. In fact, schizophrenics can, and often Gord G.


TELL US NOW. Jose E. is an EMT, and it's not as dramatic as it looks on TV. Not every call is a life- threatening, apocalyptic-type emergency. Most oJose E.


TELL US NOW. David B. finds TV bathroom mirror behavior implausible. At no point in my life have I EVER filled a sink with water and splashed it on mDavid B.


TELL US NOW. Jeanette H. says movie/TV New Orleans accents are off. Cajuns are not based in New Orleans. Try about 200 miles west around Lafayette, iJeanette H.


TELL US NOW. James W. says Hollywood always gets asthma wrong. I hate how they portray asthma sufferers using inhalers. Also, asthma attacks look notJames W.


TELL US NOW. Chey R. is tired of how Hollywood portrays autism. We aren't emotionless robots who do math and are incapable of being loved.' Chey R.


TELL US NOW. Jackson P. has a sidebar about courtroom dramas. Criminal defense is almost always attempting to get evidence excluded, and almost neverJackson P.


TELL US NOW. Matthew S. never writes surrounded by shelves full of books. Dole I'm WRITING a book, I don't need to be distracted by someone else's, aMatthew S.


TELL US NOW. Emily D.'s tired of restaurant staff with perfect memories. Waiters/bartenders always seem to remember some average-looking person they sEmily D.


TELL US NOW. Shows get computer work wrong, says Christopher F. They never show those moments where you stop everything you're doing to go Google whaChristopher F.

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