15 Iconic Movie Moments That Actors Made Up On The Spot

Screenwriters spend their entire careers crafting the perfect lines for characters to say. So it must make them crazy knowing that some of the greatest moments in cinema came out of pure, spur-of-the-moment actor improvisation. Check out these examples:


In Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, when Indy asks his dad how he knew Elsa was a Nazi, he replied she talks in her sleep. Sean Connery ad-libbed tSource: Empire Online


Baymax' balalala sound was something his voice actor, Scott Adsit, made in the recording booth. The Big Hero 6 filmmakers were sure they wouldn't usSource: Entertainment Weekly


Don Johnson came up with the idea to give Marta his empty plate, as if shE were a maid, in Knives Out's immigration conversation scene. Source: FilmSchoolRejects


In The Last Jedi, it was Benicio Del Toro's idea that his character, DJ, say maybe to Finn. It's DJ's response to Finn saying he's wrong about war bSource: FilmSchoolRejects


The script for the Star Trek episode Amok Time described the Vulcan salute as kneeling in front of someone and having them grab your shoulders. LeonSource: 5 Iconic Pop Culture Moments Improvised at the Last Second


Hugh Jackman came up with that GO f*** yourself in X-Men: First Class. In the script, it said, F*** off, but he asked for one more take after direSource: Collider


In Atomic Blonde, James McAvoy's spy says at one point, I'd be on my way to a hand job by the queen by now. That was just something McAvoy improviseSource: FilmSchoolRejects


During a home invasion and gang rape in A Clockwork Orange, Alex starts singing and dancing Singin' In The Rain'. The mood was kind of dark (not surSource: 5 World-Famous Movie Scenes That Were Total Accidents


Rick Moranis improvised Tully's whole speech at his party in Ghostbusters. He just made up the whole thing from scratch as they were shooting the scenSource: Rolling Stone


Jack Black ad-libbed I ing hate movies in Tropic Thunder. Ben Stiller asked him where that came from, and Black said that maybe it came from the facSource: FilmSchoolRejects


In The Lego Movie, Bad COp's cry Darn! Darn! Darny darn! was just a line Liam Neeson came up with during voice recording. Source: FilmSchoolRejects


The moment in Captain Marvel when Nick Fury peeks at a dead Skrull's junk was all Samuel L. Jackson. He just came up with it on the spot, and they kepSource: ComicBook.com


When Jeff Goldblum and Will Smith fly up to the mothership and dock in Independence Day, the dialogue was pretty much all them. Most of what they say Source: FilmSchoolRejects


In Mission Impossible: Fallout, Henry Cavill infamously reloads his biceps. It's a movement that Cavill just did spontaneously on the shoot. CRAGKEDSource: FilmSchoolRejects


M'baku doing a gorilla chant while Everett Ross tries to talk with him wasn't in the Black Panther script. M'Baku's actor, Winston Duke, came up with Source: FilmSchoolRejects