20 Blockbuster Movies That Got Their Science Totally Wrong

Hollywood is notorious for trying to pull fast ones on the public. Fortunately, we live in the internet age, so anyone can investigate the nonsensical version of science that movies posit. Pardon us for pulling a Neil deGrasse Tyson, but in our continuing effort to cleanse the world of the lies Hollywood likes to propagate, we'd like debunk some of the worst offenders.


No human could survive Shawshank Redemption's sewage pipe crawl. Ammonia would sting Andy's eyes to the point of blindness, and methane would kill himSource: Reuters


In Die Another Day, Bond tricks a scanner with a severed hand. But biometic scans don't just read your palm print, a very inexact ID method. They checSource: FBI


If a you shrink 10,000 times smaller, air molecules won't shrink too. Oxygen and water you ingest to survive remains the same size. An air or water moSource: National Center for Biotechnology Information


Superman can't lift a continent or the Moon, no matter how strong he is. We're not questioning super strength. But he's still just the size of a man, Source: MIT


In invisible man movies, invisibility gives you a big edge when fighting. But if you are truly invisible, you'll also be blind. Sight works through waSource: MIT


Ocean's Eleven gives us an EMP that wipes out all lights on a Vegas block. Any real electromagnetic pulse would radiate beyond the movie's tiny area oSource: Washington Dept of Health


Pacific Rim detonates a nuclear reactor to destroy a portal. We don't care about the magic portal-we're fine with that. But nuclear reactors can't detSource: MIT


The Martian has 60 mph storms. Sounds super dangerous, right? On Earth, sure. But on Mars, the atmosphere is only 1 percent as dense, so those same faSource: NASA


In Waterworid, melted ice caps have covered all land with water. If the ice caps melt totally, that'll mean sea levels will rise 216 feet. We'll lose Source: USGS


In Gravity, orbiting debris destroys the space station and comm satellites. But the space station is in low-Earth orbit, with an altitude of just 350 Source: NASA


Armageddon gives the dino-killing asteroid the force of 000 nukes. The real asteroid strike they're talking about (the Chicxulub impact) had the eneSource: Lunar and Planetary Institute


In Panic Room, Jodie Foster lights propane then lies flat as It burns over her. Don't try that in real life. Propane happens to be heavier than air (aSource: Department of Energy


The Lost World's Tembo says, predators don't hunt when they're not hungry. We guess he never met cats of any kind. Or dogs. Or bears, weasels, or hoSource: NY Times


The Core has stopped rotating, leaving no magnetic field to shield us! Leaving aside how preposterous the basic idea is, Earth's magnetic field doesn'Source: NASA


In Dante's Peak, they drive their truck over slightly cooled lava. Lava like that would still be around 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit, which is slightly hoSource: USGS


The entire premise of Deep Blue Sea is sharks don't get cancer. But they do. The myth of sharks not getting cancer spread in part due to a 1992 book cSource: Scientific American


It looks like the neutrinos coming from the Sun have mutated, sAyS 2012. They're heating up the Earth's core. They certainly act like microwaves. Source: Scientific American


The Rock introduces Us to VX gas, a deadly bright green nerve agent. As the film's writer David Weisber later put it, Unfortunately, [real] chemical Source: The Guardian


Fight Club offers a choice: wash away caustic lye with water or vinegar. Water will make it worse, while vinegar will neutralize the burn. Guess TSource: Northeastern University


Sunshine says the Sun is running out of hydrogen, SO Earth faces an ice age The Sun really will use up its fuel one day, but that won't cool it. FirstSource: NASA