15 Iconic Movies With Sneaky Shout-Outs To Other Movies

You know that feeling when you're watching a movie, and something looks eerily familiar? It's not that filmmakers are incapable of being original. It's that they can't resist adding little tips-of-the-hat to other movies. Sometimes it's acknowledging influence, sometimes it's the filmmaker saying "Hey, don't forget that other thing I did!" And sometimes it's just a random shout-out.

Whatever the reason, they're easy to miss, fun to look at, and a thousand percent on-purpose. For example:


The colorful street gangs in Batman & Robin are references to Stanley Kubrick films. The guys with powdered wigs and eyepatches are a nod to ChevalierSource: 5 Clever Movie/TV Jokes You Probably Missed


In Iron Man 3, we see Happy Hogan watching a Downton Abbey scene between an aristocratic lady and her driver. They eventually fall in love and marry, Source: 5 Clever Movie/TV Jokes You Probably Missed


TWIOS Fates SuPeR-s Hape 0 Av 12 OLD AE AC 192 oha perrler LAVA LAMP uit CAINS TAT.TF Marty sees a stuffed Roger Rabbit in the window of the antique sSource: IMDB


00 In Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2, Sam Sparks' outfit is a nearly exact copy of Ellie Sattler's outfit in Jurassic Park. Cloudy with a Chance Source: USA Today


2018's Halloween is full of nods to the movies it replaced. It was a direct sequel to the first Halloween, instantly making all the other sequels non-Source: 5 Sneaky Shout-Outs In Famous Movies That Nobody Got


A MIDNIGHT In Knives Out's car chase, there's a shot of graffiti of the letter A. That's a reference to Brick, Rian Johnson's first feature-length movSources: Film School Rejects, IMDB


Glover E.B. In Shazam, among the many, many smileys on the social worker's desk, there's a blood-spattered one. It looks exactly like The Comedian's bSource: CBR


In Kill Bill, The Bride ends the fight with the Crazy 88 by spanking the last survivor (a teenager) and telling him GO home to your mother. In AkuraSource: Classic Art Films


In an early Frozen scene, the Duke of Weselton's dancing is a weird impression of a chicken. And it looks exactly like a dance Lindsay on Arrested DSource: 5 Sneaky Shout-Outs In Famous Movies That Nobody Got


A Big Hero 6 scene has a picture of Hiro's cat Mochi wearing a costume of Stitch (from Lilo & Stitch).


RM237 Velocistar237 U there? ORLDOK R237 The number 237 turns up over and over in Toy Story 3. A security camera has the model number OVERLOOK R237Source: 6 Mind-Blowing Easter Eggs Hidden in Famous Movies


In Captain Marvel, Talos drank the milkshake as a nod to Reservoir Dogs. CRACKED.COM Source: Film School Rejects


On Kevin's mantle in Tron: Legacy, there are some apparently random polyhedrons. They're not that random, though: they look a lot like Bit from the orSource: AMC Filmsite