14 Minor Movie Moments That Took An Insane Amount Of Work

Filmmakers only have so much time and money available, and, most of the time, they try to ration them carefully. Occasionally, though, they go wild and put a ton of effort into details that maybe 0.001% of the audience will notice.

For example:


In some shots, the spider that bites Peter in Spider-Man is a black widow painted blue and red. They put a cover on the spider, and painted the cover,Source: Film School Rejects


The Django Unchained audio team recorded new gunshot and whipcrack sounds. MINNE ESOTA CI Alno They went to Death Valley, Zion National Park, and MonuSource: The Hollywood Reporter


For Who Framed Roger Rabbit, they had to build an elaborate machine for pretty much every scene. The dish-breaking machine in action For example, for Source: 6 Tiny Movie Moments That Took Insane Amounts Of Work


Blade Runner's parking meters, which you can barely see, are super elaborate. PeKINIG PENALTIES There's a card register, a lighting system for directiSource: 6 Tiny Movie Moments That Took Insane Amounts Of Work


For the on-screen runes in Frozen (in the magic book, and on monuments), Disney hired a linguistics professor, Jackson Crawford, to write actual text Source: CU Independent


Every prop and set in Signs was either built or grown for the movie. It took weeks to make real crop circles Cincluding the ones that show up for a feSource: 6 Tiny Movie Moments That Took Insane Amounts Of Work


No actors were inserted into the Avengers: Endgame funeral scene after it was filmed. Everybody is really there. The Russo brothers (who directed the Source: Film School Rejects


For the opening shot in Knives Out, they had to build a ramp for the dogs to run up. Otherwise, the dogs would just slide under the camera. Source: Film School Rejects


The blossoms in Coraline are actually 250,000 pieces of painted popcorn. The crew spent 800 hours painting them. Source: WIRED Magazine


In Scott Pilgrim VS. the World, the scene where Michael Cera tosses the package over his shoulder took 33 takes to get right. 33 Apparently, they didnSource: YouTube


In Lord of War, the row of T-72 tanks isn't CGI. Those are 50 actual T-72 tanks, loaned to the production by a Czech arms dealer. Source: South Florida Sun-Sentinel


Shell Cottage is briefly seen in the background in Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 1. AR But its roof, which you can barely make out, has 4,Source: 6 Tiny Movie Moments That Took Insane Amounts Of Work