24 Shows That Left Audiences Permanently Hanging

Writing is hard. Hey, nobody knows that better than we do. And when it comes to writing for TV, you've got to come up with ongoing plotlines that are exciting enough to keep viewers guessing, and to keep them coming back to figure out what happens next. So it's fairly understandable when the writers, whether through laziness or because their shows got cancelled, leave audiences hanging. People forget and move on, right?

Uh, no. We're still brooding over these shows that left us twisting in the wind for all eternity.


On Community, Troy and Abed find out their friend Lukka is a war criminal. COMNG AUICUST STOATHEATENEAR OUL All they do is stop hanging out with him. Source: Community Wiki


Mork & Mindywound down with a part story. Yet the pair still wound up stranded for eternity. It starts with the title characters running from a gun-wiSource: 7 TV Finales That Went Out Of Their Way To Anger Fans


John Keeler Was the president in season 4 of 24. Then, poof, he wasn't. In one scene Keeler is injured in an aerial assault on Air Force One. Then ChaSource: The 5 Most Maddeningly Unresolved TV Plot Lines


On 30 Rock, Liz Lemon decides to adopt a child. And then she just kinda forgets about it. At the end of season two, Liz has a pregnancy scare. As a reSource: 30 Rock Wiki


On All My Children, little Bobby went up to the attic. And was never seen again. When the show started Dr. Joe Martin was struggling to care for threeSource: The 7 Most Soul-Crushing Series Finales in TV History


The goal of Battlestar Gallactica is to get back to Earth, somehow. The original series ends with them almost making contact. In the final scene, ApolSource: 7 TV Finales That Went Out Of Their Way To Anger Fans


On Happy Days, Richie had an older brother named chuck. Or he did, until season 2. Chuck was away at college for much of the first season. He didn't jSource: On Milwaukee


Twin Peaks was a cult classic, and deliberately off-kilter. It's still no excuse to leave Agent Cooper possessed. In the final episode, Cooper rescuesSource: 6 Unresolved Cliffhangers That Ruined Great TV Shows


Dr. Erica Hahn was a breakout character on Grey's Anatomy. But in season 6, she walked out to her car and was never seen again. She was an open lesbiaSource: ABC News


In the 990s Spider-Man animated series, Mary Jane falls into a dimensional vortex. And Peter never finds her. Spider-Man finds out that MJ is actuallySource: 6 Unresolved Cliffhangers That Ruined Great TV Shows


On The Big Bang Theory, Leonard and Stephanie live together. Then suddenly, they don't. Leonard feels the relationship is going too fast. The last we Source: Big Bang Wiki


On Boy Meets World, Mr. Turner was Cory's favorite teacher. Yet he disappeared from the show. In the season five finale, Mr. Turner gets in a motorcycSource: The 5 Most Maddeningly Unresolved TV Plot Lines


Mandy Hampton Was White House media consultant on The West Wing. And then, suddenly, she wasn't. She just disappeared. Mandy, played by Moira Kelly, wSource: West Wing Wiki


In Heroes, Peter Petrelli time travels to post apocalypse new York. And he leaves his girlfriend there. Forever. Peter's time travel powers wonk out, Source: The 5 Most Maddeningly Unresolved TV Plot Lines


Wolverine and the Men spent 26 episodes preventing the apocalypse. A mutant named Apocalypse took over the world anyway. In this incarnation, the teamSource: 6 Unresolved Cliffhangers That Ruined Great TV Shows


Judy Was the youngest daughter on Family Matters. And in the fourth season, she vanished. Her last appearance was in an episode called Mama's WeddingSource: Family Matters Wiki


Jerry and Elaine get together in the 2ND season of Seinfeld. But they're not a couple any more, at the start of the 3RD. Behind the scenes, Larry DaviSource: Seinfeld Wiki


In the last episode Of Stargate Universe, the crew goes into stasis. Except for one guy, whose pod is broken. The final episode of the series and the Source: 6 Unresolved Cliffhangers That Ruined Great TV Shows


Merlin Was about young King Arthur and young Merlin. And it ends with Merlin, alone, for all eternity. In the series finale, Arthur dies. Merlin, howeSource: Hypable


Smallville is the story of clark Kent in the leadup to his becoming Supes. The show ended without us getting to see Superman. After years of teasing vSource: 7 TV Finales That Went Out Of Their Way To Anger Fans