17 Weird Acts Committed In The Name of Espionage

Movies, TV, and books present us with a glamorous look at the spy life, but real-life spy stories are weird as hell. Read on for 17 tales of espionage that are more interesting than any James Bond film.


DURING THE COLD WAR, THE U.S. SERIOUSLY CONSIDERED NUKING THE MOON. A biographer for Carl Sagan revealed Project A119, the plot to send a nuclear bombSource: The Guardian


THE CIA ONCE TRIED TO ASSASSINATE CASTRO VIA MILKSHAKE. Fidel Castro survived over 600 assassination attempts. One of those included a cyanide pill inSource: CNN


IN THE 19705, THE CIA CREATED A DRAGONFLY ROBOT FOR SPYING. The -powered robot had impressive performance capabilities, but, due to the wind, it was nSource: CIA


JULIA CHILD WAS A SPY BEFORE SHE WAS A WORLD FAMOUS COOK. In 1942, Child joined OSS, the precursor to the CIA. During her time there, she created a shSource: Mental Floss


BOEING MADE A SPY SHIP NAMED BIRD OF PREY DUE TO ITS STAR TREK RESEMBLANCE. 91236 The stealth plane had 36 flights, starting in 1996, and was revealedSource: Air Force Museum


DURING THE VIETNAM WAR, AMERICAN SOLIDERS WOULD LITTER THE ECOUNTRYSIDE WITH FAKE TIGER POOP. Inside were seismometers to track enemy troop movement. Read More: 6 Real World Spy Gadgets Straight Out Of Movies


Au.S. CONGRESSMAN SPIED FOR RUSSIA As Jewish immigrant, Samuel Dickstein was desperate to stop Hitler's rise to power but was ignored by Congress. He Source: Politico


THE CIA ONCE CONFRONTED THE AMERICAN AMBASSADOR TO GUATEMALA FOR HAVING AN AFFAIR WITH HER SECRETARY. The secretary's name was Carol Murphy. The CIA hRead More: 6 People Who Turned Tables On Government Surveillance


DURING THE COLD WAR, THE U.S. HIRED 1000 NAZIS AS SPIES. FBI Director J Edgar Hoover actively sought out Nazis and dismissed their horrific acts as So


A SOVIET SPY WAS CAUGHT AFTERA PAPERBOY FOUND A HOLLOW NICKLE BERTY TRU WE G The paperboy smashed it on the sidewalk and found a weird photograph, whiSource: Mental Floss


ROALD DAHL WAS A BRITISH SPY WHO SEDUCED WOMEN. Before Roald Dahl was a famous writer, he was in the British Army. After an injury moved him to a deskSource: Mental Floss


DURING WWIl, THE BRITISH CREATED THE RAT BOMB. Rat carcasses were stuffed with explosives and were to be placed near a boiler. When the dead rats wereSource: Military History


A NORTH KOREAN SPY SUBMARINE GOT CAUGHT IN A SOUTH KOREAN FISHING NET. South Korean forces were eager to negotiate the release of hostages, but when tSource: National Interest


A FORMER RUSSIAN SPY SOLVED HIS OWN MURDER. Alexander Litvinenko, while he lay dying, figured out (alongside detectives) that his tea had been poisoneSource: The Guardian


STALIN USED A SECRET LAB TO ANALYZE MAO'S POOP. When Mao Zedong visited Moscow in 1949, they installed toilets connected to boxes. Specialists would aSource: BBC


IN 1945, RUSSIAN SCHOOLCHILDREN GAVE THE U.S. AMBASSADOR A BUGGED PLAQue. The plaque stayed on the ambassador's study wall for seven years until an AmSource: Mental Floss


IN THE 19605, THE CIA TRIED TO USE CATS AS REMOTE LISTENING DEVICES. Project Acoustic Kitty was abandoned when the the first cat sent on a test missSource: The Guardian


Sometimes spying can be plain stupid. In 2000, The CIA Accidentally Gave Nuclear Plans to Iran En READ MORE HERE!

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