15 Movie Costumes With Subtle Symbolism And Hidden Meanings

We often forget how much painstaking detail can go into the making of movies, and it's not just coming up with the right lighting plan to make Joaquin Phoenix look even more emaciated or whatever. For a film to truly be a work of art, everything you see on screen must have a reason to be there. A movie's wardrobe is no different, and sometimes the costumes carry way more meaning than you might realize.

For instance:


Once Upon Time a in Hellyw ood The costume designer explained that Rick wears cowboy boots because he wants to feel like a tough guy. Cliff the other Source: Collider


Birds ef Prey If Ewan you look closely, you'll see McGregor's pajamas sporting images of his face. This hilarious detail shows how his character wantsSource: Entertainment Weekly


Fker As Arthur's mental state deteriorates and the abuse he endures escalates, his wardrobe becomes darker. Source: Deadline


Suspiria The red rope costumes during the dance performance symbolize the burden women are tied to and carry each day, the blood dripping dreadfully fSource: Dazed


Little Wemen Laurie and Jo swap vest during the film, a symbolizing both Jo's want to transcend social limitations placed on her gender, and her way oSource: New Yorker


u Adelaide's white top represents guiding light, but a it gradually turns red from all the blood, showing her connection to Red. CRACKED.COM Source: The Atlantic


The Graduate Mrs. Robinson is almost always wearing of some kind animal print, symbolizing her predatory behavior. CRACKED COM Sources: Vogue, Medium


Les Miserables Fantine wearing red while working as a prostitute mirrors Valjean's prison clothes at the beginning of the film. CRACKED.COM Source: National Post


The Witch Thomasin is the only one in her family who wears light pink, color that a represents youth and softness. It also stands in contrast to her sSource: Bright Lights Film Journal


Midsemmar KNEXVR The senior men of the community often wear frocks, symbolizing their hermaphroditic nature and disregard of gender constructs. They rSource: Fashionista


Ofja In the beginning of the film, Mija wears a purple jacket and dark red clothes underneath. When she finds out she's been lied to, her world is turSource: Filmed In Ether


A Clockwerk Orange The cricket codpiece is symbol of a privilege, but the droogs subvert it by wearing them outside of their trousers. The codpieces aSource: BFI


La La Land During the famous dance Mia scene, changes out of her heels and into tap shoes to match Sebastian. We don't her see in heels again until shSource: Film School Rejects


The Huinger Games Effie Trinket is always in high heels and tight dresses with tiny waistlines and chokers around her neck. It's not just about showinSource: Reuters


Get Out During the party at the scene Armitage house, all the guests wearing spots of are red, because the color in the film represents secret societiSource: Vogue