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Remember that scene in The Matrix where they plop Neo in a dentist's chair and download kung-fu into his brain? That's what we're going to do here, except by the end of this download you'll know Bill Murray, not kung-fu.


Bill Murray was born on September 21, 1950 in Evanston, lllinois. R WELCOME TO EVANSTON His father passed away from diabetes complications when Bill wSource: Yahoo News


On his 20th birthday, Bill Murray was arrested at O'Hare with 10 pounds of marijuana. E R A I S A I He had joked about having a bomb in his luggage toSource: Esquire


In 1978, Bill exchanged punches with Chevy Chase backstage on SNL.M R R A year and a half later, he and Chase had buried the hatchet and S completely Source:


During the production of Where the Buffalo Roam, Murray and Hunter Thompson constantly tried to one-up each other. This culminated with Murray being tSource: Hill, Doug; Jeff Weingrad (March 1989). "Saturday Night: A Backstage History of Saturday Night Live."


Bill Murray has no agent or manager. He can be I contacted for roles only via a secret 1-800 number. I As far as how often he checks it, he has said, Source: Indie Wire


Following the overwhelming success of Ghostbusters, Murray quit acting at the peak of his fame for four years & spent six months studying in Paris. A Source: Entertainment Weekly


What About Bob? Producer Laura Ziskin has described a disagreement that led Murray to toss her into a lake. R A I S A I S A I She said the lake toss wSource: Chicago Tribune


Bill Murray actually M bowled three strikes in a row in his Kingpin scene as Ernie McCracken. R L I A T The crowd's applause is completely genuine andSource: Uproxx


Bill Murray wrote a $25k check to Wes Anderson during Rushmore filming to cover helicopter rental the studio wouldn't pay for L to get an aerial shot.Source: Cinema Blend


Sofia Coppola worried that Murray would not show up to film Lost In Translation, as he had not signed a contract. She discussed her concerns with direSource: Filmmaker


For the sushi bar scene in Lost In Translation, Sofia I Coppola had only written he tries to make her R A I laugh in the script. A Murray improvisedSource: Indie Wire


56-year-old Bill Murray once showed up at a E college party in St.M R Andrews, Scotland. R A I He drank vodka from S a coffee cup, did the A dishes, aSource: Today


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