21 Somewhat Unhinged Things You Can Do With Your Cremated Remains

Thinking about donating your body to science? Sure, it'd be cool to haunt some college campus for like, 30 years, but it would inevitably get old.

The afterlife should be you time. Here are some utterly bizarre things you can do with your cremated remains:


Pack them into fireworks. EFFECTS 1.3G NOISE D FACTOR Blaxe GLORY Piss off the entire neighborhood one last time on the way out. Source: Heavenly Stars Fireworks


Have yourself pressed into a vinyl album. 11701-1 A DEENG AUARIN ONEARTH Spend eternity the way you spent your life: being picked over and ignored by Source: And Vinyly


Keep your ashes in a 3D printed bust. 30 Pe Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton BIISIOTHS You could get a custom bust of your face, but why not politicizeSource: In The Light Urns


Become a synthetic reef. 240L 25 A 44TY2S Never got around to saving the environment in life? It's literally never too late to start. Source: Eternal Reefs


Spend eternity inside of a comic book. SRAER LPREME Comic book writer Mark Gruenwald had his cremated remains mixed into the ink of the first printingSource: LA Times


Stuff them into some bullets. Kill or be killed? Why choose, when you can do both? CRACKED COM Source: My Holy Smoke


Get under the skin of a loved one. A Tattoo artists can safely mix ashes into ink. It's slightly itchier and way more haunted than a normal tattoo.


Live on as a Frisbee. MA CLASS CRISBEE WORLD LING 165 To Drc G: The inventor of the Frisbee had his remains be turned into a Frisbee. Source: SFGate


Become genetically entwined with a treel CO-COD-C Human -> DNA Trees JOE DAUIS' DNA MANIFOLDS DNA Trees Consequences Anyone can become fertilizer; onlSource: Biopresence


Become someone else's problem. ETERNAL ASCENT SOCIETY Have your ashes stuffed into a big helium balloon that someone else will ultimately have to cleaSource: Eternal Ascent Society


Become a tool for eternity. e john Darren onee Bon Daiten 4ones This toolbox-shaped urn looks like something you'd get at a book fair in elementary scSource: In The Light Urns


Turn them into 240 commemorative pencils. WALD 145-2003 OREPH JOSEps WALD 10367 WALD 1930-2005 JOEPH 145052005 SOSEPH WALD WALD JOBEPN WALD Grandpa's Source: Signal V Noise


Dump 'em in a Pringles can. 90 Inside Pringles The guy who designed the iconic Pringles can had his ashes stuffed in his beloved tube and buried. Source: The Guardian


Provide power for your city. Three Swedish cities are partially powered by the considerable energy produced by local crematoriums. CRACKED COM The 6 Coolest Things You Can Do With Your Dead Body


Become a macabre celebration of your favorite Amendment. Wtt t Chnf tr BO HANSON 1013 22013 Stanley 1. Gibhs For the man who loves guns SO much, he waSource: In The Light Urns


Slide around inside a pizza box. REST IN LeRoy Robert Ripley December 25 1890 May 1944 PIZHLA Home Delivery or Take-Out Mamma mia. Lovi L drerl LvtoolSource: In The Light Urns


Tout your brand loyalty. Budweiser XI OF4 Cnie William E Cook hrury 91958 Juty IN tanine Menwws Give a shout-out to the drink that killed you! 10 CRACSource: In The Light Urns


Become a poseable plastic fossil. An artist developed the technology necessary to pump various organs full of polymers. The 6 Coolest Things You Can Do With Your Dead Body


Become a grim reminder. Momew Eoving In Nothing says time's running out' like an hourglass made from a loved one's ashes. CRACKED COM Source: In The Light Urns


Have them pressed into a diamond. A clump of hair will work in a pinch. Source: Life Gem


Launch 'em into space. VOYAGER SERVICE The Voyager service is a true missionof exploration, sending the Celestis spacecraft carrying cremated remains Source: Celestis


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