18 Random Facts To Spice Up Your Brain Diet With Some Variety

Once upon a time, you had to travel if you wanted to learn. The book with the tidbit of info you wanted might exist only in a library in Belarus. Nowadays the internet puts the world's knowledge just one click away -- so, of course, we're all binge-watching The Office for the sixth time.

That doesn't mean we've become uninterested in knowledge, though. Our minds crave more than just memes and quotes from TV comedies -- so we have prepared these facts to keep your brain diet varied with some light learning. These won't make you erudite, but at least you'll become a more interesting person to talk with.

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CRACKED COM Alien eggs were made to look less genital to avoid Catholic backlash. H.R. Giger had designed the top of the eggs in Alien to look like a More: 5 Famous Films Hollywood Had Zero Faith In


Dracula's Castle is just some random keep. Vlad the Impaler lived in the currently ruined Poenari Castle, in Wallachia, Romania. As Bran Castle is bFrom: 6 Normal Places People Claimed Were The Sites Of Ancient Legends


CRACKED.COM Shops used rays to check the fitting of shoes. Sure, just trying on the shoe is often enough, but using a shoe-fitting fluoroscope was uMore: Whaa? Responses To New Technology


She-Hulk was created for copyright reasons. With The Incredible Hulk being successful on TV, Marvel feared a spin-off would be made featuring a femaleMore: Marvel And DC Superheroes Created For WTF Reasons