15 Hilarious Behind-The-Scenes Photos Of Iconic Visual Effects

Visual effects professionals put an incredible amount of time and effort into making their effects/costumes/props look as realistic as possible for the big screen. Most turn out great, with viewers often asking themselves, "how did they do that?"

And the great thing is not only is that question incredibly satisfying to answer, sometimes it's downright hilarious. For example:


15 Hilarious Behind-The-Scenes Photos Of Iconic Visual EffectsSource: The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Behind the Scenes


Brundlefly from The Fly... was moved around and operated by a giant RC car that was attached to its butt. CRACKED COM Source: Cinephilia & Beyond


The Demogorgon from Stranger Things... wasn't an entirely CGI creation. Mark Steger brought the creature to life by donning a highly complex costume wSource: /FILM


15 Hilarious Behind-The-Scenes Photos Of Iconic Visual EffectsSource: The Making of the Quidditch Scenes


The T-Rex from Jurassic Park... was a giant animatronic that didn't have legs, but rather a huge hydraulic system that helped move it around. CRACKED Source: Jurassic Park Behind the Scenes


15 Hilarious Behind-The-Scenes Photos Of Iconic Visual EffectsSource: Inception Behind the Scenes


The dog attack from I Am Legend... involved a man in a green bodysuit attacking Will Smith with a dog head. CRACKED COM Source: Warner Bros. YouTube Channel


The original Star Wars trilogy's opening crawls... T 0vII lord Dath Obso5s6d with findin SKywalker. has disnat XAVE SEIRIS FRLdWE 3H1 were filmed pracSource: /FILM


The AT-AT from The Empire Strikes Back... was a miniature, intricately operated by a prop guy hiding under the floorboards. CRACKED COM Source: Corridor Crew


Buddy from Elf... was made to appear giant compared to the other elves by using the forced perspective filming technique. CRACKED.COM Source: No Film School


The creatures from The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance... were masterfully operated out of frame by puppeteers in incredibly uncomfortable-looking posSource: Collider


For certain scenes in Child's Play... a child actor was used to portray Chucky - which is honestly way creepier than the regular doll. Source: The Hollywood Reporter


Back to the Future's iconic hoverboards... HOVER em $711 were made possible thanks to huge cranes and extensive wiring systems that kept the actors frSource: This Is The History Of


The Mandalorian's Baby Yoda... had his own babysitter on set. One that helped the little guy walk in shots that required a close-up. Source: Gizmodo


The werewolf transformation from An American Werewolf In London... was achieved by applying the werewolf costume on David Naughton, while he was relaxSource: Monster Legacy