15 Actors Who Were Completely In The Dark About The Movies They Were Making

Acting can be a strange business. Just ask the cast of Cats. What's even stranger than getting into the mindset of a big ol' tabby cat is the business of filmmaking. Scenes get filmed out of order, cast members often don't even see the actors performing alongside them, and sometimes, no one has a clue what's happening in the scenes they're shooting. They just show up and fly blind. It's probably the most relatable they'll ever be.

Except for the entire cast of Cats, obviously.


15 Actors Who Were Completely In The Dark About The Movies They Were MakingSource: CBR


Danny Lloyd (who played little Danny Torrance) was blissfully unaware of what was going on in The Shining. Stanley Kubrick didn't want the 5-year-old Source: The Guardian


Stephen Dillane who played Stannis Baratheon in Game of Thrones had no idea what was going on. Dillane didn't understand the plot and says he regrets Source: Entertainment Weekly


Sir Alec Guinness didn't get the dialogue or his character obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars. In a letter to a friend about his experience on set, the actorSource: Comic Book


The Avengers: Infinity War cast had no idea the snap was going to happen (they were even given fake script pages). The cast only found out the morningSources: IndieWire, Syfy


Hugo Weaving had no idea what any of his lines meant in Transformers. It only took two hours to record Megatron's lines, but Weaving said he had no idSource: Collider


Michael Fassbender says Aaron Sorkin's script for Steve Jobs was overwhelming, and a lot of the tech jargon flew over his head. Fassbender didn't haveSources: The Guardian, The Independent


Leonardo Dicaprio still doesn't get Inception. DiCaprio said that while he doesn't really get involved with the story of a film, working with Nolan waSource: IndieWire


15 Actors Who Were Completely In The Dark About The Movies They Were MakingSource: Variety


Dame Judi Dench didn't know what was happening in The Chronicles of Riddick. Said Dame Judi about the bizarre movie: Tremendous fun, but I had absoluSource: The Irish Times


Piper Laurie thought Carrie was a satirical comedy. Director Brian De Palma had to explain to her that it wasn't quite what they were going for. ...ISource: HollywoodChicago


Sean Penn didn't understand The Tree of Life and was frustrated with the film's lack of narrative. Said Penn: Frankly, I'm still trying to figure outSource: The Guardian


Sir Anthony Hopkins had no idea what his character's motivation was in Westworld. The actor begged the creators to tell him what happens in the story Source: Entertainment Weekly


Sebastian Stan thought they were shooting a wedding scene and not a funeral in Avengers: Endgame. The actor who played Bucky Barnes says that when he Source: Digital Spy


Bill Murray didn't know what he was signing up for with Garfield. When Murray first received the script, he thought it was written by Joel Coen, insteSource: GQ