17 Now-You-Know Food Facts To Chew On Today

Please enjoy this family-size bag of assorted facts! Feel free to share, but we know you'll probably consume them all yourself.

Much like ordering takeout, this list will leave you satiated, a little grossed out, but above all else: ready for a nap.


Pizza Hut used to be the largest purchaser of kale in the U.S. Pizza PimaHut Hut It wasn't even eaten it E was a garnish on their salad bars. NOW YOU Source: Boston Magazine


This is what cashews really look like. They're a seed, not a nut, and they grow on an evergreen tree. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED COM


Pistachios spontaneously combust. Large quantities of raw pistachios are prone to heating up, and their oil catching fire. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED COM Source: Gothamist


is the feanrtpnobia of peanut butter. Specifically, getting it stuck to the roof of your mouth and choking. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED COM Source: Healthline


Lots of candy is made of beetles and car wax. Cochineal is a gross little bug that's boiled for its red pigment. Car wax is shiny. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKESource: Wired


Strawberries aren't berries; bananas are. Strawberries are in the same family as apples, cherries, and roses. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED COM


Rhubarb grows SO fast, you can hear it. Forcer pots limit photosynthesis, causing stalks to grow extremely rapidly. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED COM Source: Atlas Obscura


It can take two weeks to make a single jelly bean. Sour flavors take the longest to congeal. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED COM Source: Jelly Belly


Russia didn't classify beer as alcoholic until 2011. arnicy OOLE oolon Magna R Ramivoe KECR Anything under 10% ABV was a soft drink. NOW YOU KNOW CRACSource: BBC


When you bite into a fig, you run the risk of eating a dead wasp. Wasps lay eggs in inedible male figs, but they sometimes get stuck and die in the feSource: How Stuff Works


Someone smuggled a corned beef sandwich into space. The astronaut got in trouble, but the sandwich is now in a museum. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED COM Source: Smithsonian Mag


An 18-inch pizza is more than twice as large as a 12-inch pizza. Four square feet more, to be precise. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED COM Source: CalculateMe.com


One burger can contain hundreds of COWS. All thanks to a 1960's innovation called the disassembly line. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED COM Source: Washington Post


You've probably never had wasabi. Most wasabi served outside of Japan is actually horseradish. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED COM Source: Spiceography


Nutella uses 25% of the world's hazelnuts. utelld And they own one of the largest hazelnut producers in the world, SO there's nothing you can do aboutSource: Gizmodo


Pizza Hut delivered to the ISS. The company paid the Russian space agency $1 million to deliver a salami pie. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED COM Source: BBC


Bird saliva is a Chinese delicacy. Birds' Nest Soup is dangerous to harvest and difficult to prepare. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED COM Source: All That's Interesting


For dessert, here's a bunch of stuff you thought you knew about food: Margarine is more Coffee does NOT healthy than butter, right? dehydrate you Actu

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