12 Boss Movie & General 'Now You Know' Facts

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Dwayne The Rock' Johnson's father descended from Black Loyalists. Escaping Southern plantations following The Revolutionary War, they immigrated to NSource: Solomon, Brian (2006). WWE Legends. Simon and Schuster.


In 2006, The Seminole Tribe of Florida purchased the Hard Rock Cafe hotel and casino business. Wones The deal, valued at $965 million, now includes 18Source: CNN


North Korea is the only necrocracy in the world. The country is technically still ruled by Kim ll-sung, who died in 1994 and remains president by decrSource: Encyclopedia Britannica


It is possible to know in 2020 what Napoleon smelled like. A truly prodigious user of cologne, his preferred formula is available today and unchanged Source: Napoleon Cologne Blog


The Pentagon has twice as many bathrooms as it needs. This is because it was built during segregation, with separate facilities for black and white emSource: History.com


Louis Armstrong wore a Star of David. He did SO as a tribute to the Jewish family who were a second home & loaned him the money to buy his first instrSource: History.com


Most Americans support eliminating the penny, which costs more to produce than it is worth. F8 Jarden Zinc Products is the sole provider of zinc pennySource: Post-Gazette


Astronauts Mark Lee & Jan Davis are the only married couple to fly in space. They wed in secret & didn't tell NASA until it was too late to train replSource: Vice


The term 'military grade' doesn't mean what you think it does. To the actual military, it means meeting bare-minimum requirements & doesn't signify quSource: MEL Magazine


During college, Steve Wozniak used an illegal 'blue box' device to call the Vatican. He pretended to be Henry Kissenger. NOW YOU KNOW Source: The Atlantic


Louis Vuitton burns all unsold bags and products at the end of each year. This is done to ensure product exclusivity and eliminate the sale of discounSource: Marketing Mind


All three of Tom Cruise's wives were 33 when they divorced from him. And each was 11 years younger than the last. NOW YOU KNOW Source: The Independent


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