29 Famous Songs & Shows That Were Thrown Together Quick Or Cheap (Or Both)

Big-deal entertainment is famously expensive and time consuming. Movie studios spend hundreds of millions on the next huge blockbuster. Musicians agonize for months over tunes and lyrics. It's why theater and concert tickets are so stupidly expensive. Isn't it?

The thing is, sometimes it's the shoestring-budget, stupidly fast-turnaround stuff that's the most entertaining. And sometimes it's even the stuff that sets the standard for years and decades to come. For example...

Entry by Andrea Meno

The original setting of Planet of the Apes was completely modern. The IMPROVISATION: There were supposed to be monkeys watching movies, shopping, driv


ONE OF THE BEST HORROR MOMIES OF ALL TIME WAS MADE IN ABOUT A MONTH. HALLOWEEN It took John Carpenter and Debra Hill ten days to write the screenplay,

Entry by Andrea Meno

Vince Gilligan planned on setting Breaking Bad in Riverside, CA. THE IMPROVISATION: They shot the pilot in Albuquerque, NM, because it was the only lo

Entry by AM Smiley

Koji Kondo composed the Legend of Zelda theme music in just one night. ZLDN THE LEGEDD OF 00 During development, the Nintendo team used RAVEI'S Bolero

Entry by Andrea Meno

Alfred Hitchcock shot Psycho as an episode of his TV show. THE IMPROVISATION: Hitchcock shot Psycho with the crew and assets of his TV show Alfred Hit

Entry by Resivir

President Whitmore's CRACKEDCO renowned speech from Independencel Day was written in just about 5 minutes. The producers hoped to rewrite it to make

Entry by Scott Laffey

What'd I Say was improvised. LIVE. Ray Charles said he and his band had run out of material with another 20 minutes still left to play. He told his

Entry by Andrea Meno

A Charlie Brown Christmas producer Lee Mendelson banged out the lyrics to Christmas Time is Here in one sitting. It was the last minute, and all his

Entry by Andrea Meno

Rihanna's Diamonds took 14 minutes to write. (The producer said, That's insane.) It sold 3.5 million copies.

Entry by Andrea Meno

29 Famous Songs & Shows That Were Thrown Together Quick Or Cheap (Or Both)

Entry by IrateTony

Clerks, the movie that launched Kevin smith's career, was filmed in just three weeks, in the same convenience store where Smith worked. CLRKS During t

Entry by Andrea Meno

James Cameron didn't have a filming permit for Terminator, So the crew had to avoid cops. THE IMPROVISATION: They shot at night so they had less chanc

Entry by Andrea Meno

There was absolutely no narrative reason for The Walking Dead to spend a season on a farm. THE IMPROVISATION: The network axed the Season 2 budget bef


Kevin Williamnson wrote the genre- revolutionizing script for SCREAM over a long weekend. Inspired by severe poverty, he drove out to the desert and i

Entry by Andrea Meno

Rocky and Adrian's lovely first date owes its magic to the movie running out of money. VISITOR THE IMPROVISATION: Rocky's ice rink date scene was supp

Entry by Andrea Meno

The Purge's budget went from $8 million to $2.5 million.. THE IMPROVISATION: The producer realized the movie shouldn't be that expensive, as it's set

Entry by Kevin King

John Hughes frantically wrote the screenplay for Ferris Bueller's Day Off in one week. In 1985, a writers' strike was about to hit Hollywood. Upon hea

Entry by Andrea Meno

Instead of spending money on music for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, the director made it himself. THE IMPROVISATION: With a sound recordist, he did t

Entry by Andrea Meno

The costumes of 1990's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles almost kept it from getting made. THE IMPROVISATION: The producers couldn't get actors to wear the

Entry by YappyDoo

Freddie Mercury wrote Crazy Little Thing Called Love in ten minutes on a guitar despite only knowing a few chords.

Entry by Andrea Meno

Citizen Kane had to depict obscene wealth, but it had a shoestring budget. THE IMPROVISATION: Orson Welles got super creative, coming up with tricks l

Entry by Andrea Meno

To get home in Back to the Future, Marty was supposed to drive into a nuclear explosion. THE IMPROVISATION: The original plan of sending Marty into a

Entry by VictorCamo

It took Kanye West only 15 minutes to Write the lyrics for All Falls Down which went on to peak at #4 on the Billboard top REB chart.

Entry by Andrea Meno

The plan for dressing the main cast of Clueless was to have them all in designer couture. THE IMPROVISATION: The budget for that didn't pan out, So th

Entry by Andrea Meno

The monster of Gojira, the granddaddy of Godzilla films, was supposed to be a giant octopus. THE IMPROVISATION: The movie's special effects wizard rea

Entry by Andrea Meno

Doctor Who's TARDIS was originally supposed to change shape regularly to fit in with its surroundings. OTC THE IMPROVISATION: The series creators real

Entry by Resivir

The first Saw was shot in LESS THAN WEEKS, that is- IN ONLY 18 DNS

Entry by Andrea Meno

A 1960s Batman episode had Batman, Robin, and Batgirl fight all their villains at once. THE IMPROVISATION: There was no money to actually show that, s

Entry by Andrea Meno

Because it blew its budget, Lost locked up a bunch of major characters in cages. The IMPROVISATION: The producers saved most of the third season's bud


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