15 Dark Scenes That Were Wisely Left Out Of Movies

It's understandable that not everything in a book can make it onto the screen. Sometimes, it's a shame (The Golden Compass, anyone?). Other times, we're just thankful that the makers of certain films chose not to expose us to the dark, cynical world that exists in some writers' minds. And it's saying something that even our diabolical brains nope out when it comes to scenes like:


Hannibal In the movie: Mason Verger gets eaten by wild boars. In the book: Mason's sister Margot (who isn't in the film at all), kills her brother by Source: Bustle


Cujo In the movie: Donna shoots Cujo and revives her son Tad from near death before being reunited with her husband. In the book: Donna still kills CuSource: Screen Rant


Room In the movie: Joy (24) and her son Jack (5) live in a shed as the captives of Old Nick, Jack's biological father who kidnapped Joy seven years Source: Pajiba


Jojo Rabbit In the movie: Jojo gets injured at a Hitler Youth training camp, leaving him with a limp and a scar on his face. In the book: Jojo loses aSource: /Film


Captain America: Civil War In the movie: We see Brock Rumlow blow himself up to kill Steve Rogers. Wanda Maximoff diverts the explosion, but accidentaSources: Polygon, Yahoo


A Simple Favor In the movie: The story ends with Emily's husband and her friend, Stephanie, exposing her for killing her twin sister and faking her owSources: PopSugar, Mashable


The Hunger Games In the movie: The mutts or muttations are hybrid animals made using virtual technology. In the book: It's heavily implied that thSources: Vulture, SparkNotes


The Circle In the movie: Mae works with Ty and turns against the Circle company, exposing the co-founders' private dealings in the name of transparencSource: Refinery29


Ready Player One In the movie: Art3mis rejects Wade's advances, and he's bummed out. In the book: A scorned Wade shuts himself off from the world, andSources: eNotes, Ready Gamer One


Gone Girl In the movie: Amy disappears by staging her own kidnapping and apparent death, and frames In the book: her husband Nick for it. In addition Source: The Guardian


Coraline In the movie: Coraline has to find her trapped parents as well as the ghost children's eyes, but the Other Mother swallows the key to the traSource: StudyNovels


Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark In the movie: Harold the scarecrow stabs and kills Tommy with a pitchfork. In the book: Thomas gets skinned and streSource: Time


The Martian In the movie: The Hermes crew bravely travels back to Mars to save their lost crew member, Watney. In the book: Crew member Beth JohanssenSource: LitCharts


Children Of Men In the movie: Theo dies after saving Kee and her baby from the war between the totalitarians and the rebels in England. It's implied tSource: eNotes


American Psycho In the movie: A lot of crazy stuff happens, but nothing quite as shocking as... In the book: ...an entire rape scene that ends with geSource: LitCharts