12 Fascinating 'Now You Know' Facts

Right now, it's really easy to graze, and keep your belly happy with an influx of snacks. (Maybe too easy, but that's a different subject.) But are you neglecting your brain? Your mind also needs feeding, to keep it humming along happily. Probably.

Have no fear, Cracked is here, with a roundup of snack-sized facts to feed your brain. Snack away, guilt-free.


Tokyo Drift couldn't secure certain permits but filmed scenes anyway. Universal Studios hired a fall guy to go to jail instead of the director. NOW YOSource: Digital Spy


In 1971, Sylvester Stallone sold his dog, Butkus, for $40 to buy food. After selling the script for Rocky, he bought him back for $15,000. NOW YOU KNOBored Panda


1846: A snail from Egypt was thought dead SO it was glued to an index card and put on display in a British museum. 1 850: The snail starts moving and Source: Metafilter


In 986, Clint Eastwood was elected mayor of tiny Carmel, California. One of his first official acts was to repeal a city ban on selling ice cream coneMental Floss


To people have fallen from the Empire State Building and lived. They both fell from the 86th floor and landed on the 85th. NOW YOU KNOW NY Daily News


Ernest Hemingway survived two plane crashes 24 hours apart. Presumed dead after the second, he emerged from the jungle with a bottle of gin & some banSource: Time


Two donkeys together for 10 years at a Polish ZOO were separated because of complaints they were mating in front of children. A petition with 7, O00 sSource: The Star


James Bond first appeared in 1953 and through all the books & movies... On HER MAESIYS SECRET SERVICE There has been one monarch of Britain: Queen EliSource: Coronation Facts


Biologists don't fully understand how eels reproduce. No one has ever seen how they spawn. NOW YOU KNOW Source: Discover


lconic Captain America #1, with Cap punching Hitler, came out a year before the U.S. entered WWil. Jewish creators Joe Simon & Jack Kirby received deaCBR


A Virginia couple with the last name Null'' has a tough time filling out online forms. Error try again inforation hore for more cick Often, they're Source: BBC


Three words are used around every 12 seconds in The Big Lebowski. They are: 'Dude,' 'Man,' or 'F*ck.' NOW YOU KNOW Market Watch