The Torture Device Used to Silence Women

There's very few corners of history that aren't stuffed full of raging sexism, but perhaps none encapsulates a society's desire to silence women as plainly as the use of a scold's bridle. Read more about the horrendous item used to torture assertive women below.


The use of Scold's bridles was developed in Britain in the 1 500s and spread to other European countries. They were used until the early 1800s. CRACKESource: Science Museum Group


sclbd It was an iron mask used for public humiliation. The victim would have been required to wear the contraption for a duration of time, perhaps houSource: Wellcome Collection


A scold was a gossiping or nagging (read: non-submissive) woman. The punishment was used on women who were suspected of witchcraft or spoke out agSource: POWYS


A Most of the time the bridle would be applied at the husband's request. CRACKED.COM Source: Wellcome Collection


ulm7 The bridles included a metal bit that held down the wearer's tongue. Sometimes this part would be spiked or have sharp edges in order to injure tSource: Harvard Blog


Scold's bridles were designed to be ugly and draw embarrassment. Some masks included bells or animalistic features to attract more public attention. CSource: Wellcome Collection


sed The crime of being a scold wasn't abolished from the British Penal code until 1967. CRACKED.COM Source: Wellcome Collection