10 Rando Historical 'Now You Know' Facts

Some people like to say they were "born in the wrong generation." But lots of past generations lived in a time when you could be executed by the state for stealing a bell, or fall victim to accidental horny mutiny.

Just food for thought. Here are some historical facts that may or may not make you glad to be alive today:


Napoleon's first wife performed a sex act that baffles modern historians. They exchanged tons of extremely dirty letters, which mentioned, but never eSource: Standard


In WWl, the German ship SMS Cap Trafalgar was disguised to look like British ocean liner RMS Carmania in order to raise hell behind enemy lines. But tSource: War History Online


The Wanggongchang Explosion killed 20,000 people in the capital of the Ming Dynasty in 1626. THE CHINI AN OCEAN No one knows what caused it, but it ki


An astronaut pooped and puked all over Apollo 8 in mid-orbit. Frank Borman got briefly but violently ill, to the extent that it overwhelmed the waste Source: Space


The largest bell ever made was lost by a greedy governor. Portugese warlord Filipe de Brito e Nicote was granted a governorship, then promptly declare


The -Zanzibar War was the shortest war in recorded history. The 1896 skirmish between the British Empire and the Zanzibar Sultanate lasted 45 minutes,Source: Historic UK


The 1767 expedition of the HMS Dolphin had to be cut short due to accidental horny mutiny. Captain Samuel Wallis noticed his crew were dismantling theSource: National Archives


Ohio and Michigan once went to war - over Toledo. MICHIGAN Maumee Toledee Bay Disputed Toledo Strip Perrysburg OHIO River Maumee From 1835-36, the twoSource: History


Yang Kyoungjong was a Korean soldier in WWll who was forced to fight on 3 sides of the war. He was conscripted into the Japanese army, captured and foSource: War History Online


Pepsi was once the 6th largest navy in the world. hwer MENC-KOMIA DENCH-KO ENCN NENCW-KONA RANBER th The USSR had restrictions on transporting rubles Source: BBC