Science Facts That Sound Like Nonsense

You can't trust what you read on the net. No, vaccines aren't made from puppies. No, coroners aren't called that because they'll give you the corona. No, the hot singles in your area are all busy creating content for Cracked and have no time to meet you, sorry.

Now, these we've collected here are the opposite -- they seem to be bullcrap, but they're all backed by science. Nothing but the unvarnished truth here. (OK, we might have varnished a couple a liiitle bit, but you won't find any lies.)


Killer whales can learn dolphin language. Orcas who spend time with bottlenose dolphins use more clicks and whistles, and their language becomes a mSource: Discover Magazine


CRACKEDcO whiptail lizards are all female. Aspidoscelis, a genus of New Mexico lizards, has no males. They reproduce through natural cloning. Their orSource: National Geographic


CRACKED Tea can climb back to the kettle as you brew it. Tiny tea particles can climb short distances from the cup to the kettle. Researchers have fouSource: Phys.Org


lO, a moon of Jupiter, has tides of rock. lo has no oceans- but that doesn't mean it has no tides. The gravity of Jupiter and the other moons causes tSource: NASA


The barreleye can look through its own head. The top of this deep-water fish's head is see-through. The fish can rotate its eyes and look at the worldSource: Live Science


A planet exists made of burning ice. Gliese 436 b, about 30 light-years from us, is made mostly of ice that would burn you to a crisp if you touched iSource: Futurism


CRACKED chitons have teeth made of metal. Chitons, that are found in the Gulf of Mexico, are the Wolverine of mollusks. Their teeth are made of a metaSource: New Scientist


Lobsters don't age. While not exactly immortal, lobsters don't become weaker or stop breeding with age. They just keep growing bigger and bigger, untiSource: Smithsonian


some birds password- protect their children. Brown-headed cowbirds have their chicks raised by different species of birds than their own. Adult cowbirSource: Inside Science


There are way more trees on Earth than stars in the galaxy. A 2015 survey found that three trillion trees grow on Earth, 7 times the previous estimateSource: Nature


Polar bears are nearly invisible to infrared cameras. The bear's fur is SO good at keeping the bear warm, that almost no heat escapes that can be pickSource: Harvard University


Each arm of an octopus has its own brain. Octopuses have more nerve cells in their arms than in their heads. Each arm can move, touch, and taste by itSource: Scientific American


Hailstones in Jupiter and saturn are diamonds. Thunderstorms turn atmospheric methane into pure carbon soot. As the soot falls and the pressure increaSource: BBC


crocodiles are more closely related to birds than to lizards. Crocodiles, alligators, and birds are the last surviving archosaurs (a group that includSource: University of California


Twins can have different fathers. On rare occasions, two eggs are released during the same ovulation cycle, which can be fertilized by different fatheSource: The Guardian


A small Australian mammal dies from terminal horniness. The antechinus breeds only once in its lifetime. For a couple weeks, the male goes into such aSource: National Geographic