Hilariously Terrible Actor Suggestions

We love to cover spontaneous moments in movies that actors made up on the fly. And some actors turn out to be genuinely great at improvising onscreen gold. But it turns out that the rest of the time, actors are coming up with suggestions for their characters that are hilariously bizarre and terrible.

For example ...


Hilariously Terrible Actor SuggestionsSource: RadioTimes


ACTOR: David Patrick Kelly in Warriors THE IDEA: Luther should put dead pigeons on his fingers. It was for the come out and play scene, where LutherSource: The 6 Dumbest Suggestions Actors Made Behind The Scenes


ACTOR: Val Kilmer in Heat THE IDEA: A Heat sequel, where he dates Natalie Portman. Kilmer played DeNiro's right-hand man in the original. Portman was Source: 6 Hilariously Bad Ideas Actors Had For Iconic Roles


ACTOR: Leonard Nimoy in Star Trek THE IDEA: Spock should get ear- rounding surgery. Nimoy said the ears were grotesque and uncomfortable, and complaSource: The 6 Dumbest Suggestions Actors Made Behind The Scenes