Movies That Definitely Don't Mean What People Think

Look, movies are a lot of things, but they're not very subtle. So it's pretty easy to figure out what life lessons the filmmakers are trying to teach us. But sometimes they actually do get a little too nuanced. Or their attempts at irony completely miss the mark.

Because of that, odds are you're completely missing the point the movie was trying to make, in at least a few cases. For example:


THE MOVIE: Fight Club WHAT YOU We gotta break out of our urban THINK IT cages and act like men, dude! MEANS: WHAT IT Hypermasculinity is toxic, dude. Source: Lit Hub


THE MOVIE: Pulp Fiction WHAT YOU Fun romp glorifying THINK IT gangsters, drugs, and MEANS: violence. WHAT IT Parable about redemption MEANS: and seconSource: Vanity Fair


THE MOVIE: Robocop WHAT YOU Fun sci-fi cop flick. THINK IT MEANS: WHAT IT Fun Christian allegory. MEANS: According to director Paul Verhoven, It is aSource: ScreenPrism


THE MOVIE: Night of the Living Dead WHAT YOU Racism is bullsh*t, guys. THINK IT MEANS: WHAT IT Nobody listens, guys. MEANS: Director George Romero saySource: Jones, Alan (2005). The Rough Guide to Horror Movies. Rough Guides.


THE MOVIE: Nightcrawler WHAT YOU Story of a psychopath who THINK IT would do anything for money. MEANS: WHAT IT Capitalism Bad. E MEANS: Director Dan Source: IndieWire


THE MOVIE: Natural Born Killers WHAT YOU Gratuitous violence fest. THINK IT MEANS: WHAT IT Takedown of movies with MEANS: gratuitous violence. DespiteSource: Muir, John Kenneth (2011). Horror Films of the 1990s. Jefferson, North Carolina: McFarland.


THE MOVIE: Mother! WHAT YOU Your basic home invasion THINK IT horror movie. MEANS: WHAT IT Respect the planet. MEANS: Jennifer Lawrence says that her Source: YouTube


THE MOVIE: Lolita WHAT YOU Problematic movie that THINK IT sexualizes children. MEANS: WHAT IT Profile of a disgusting MEANS: villain. Author VladimirSource: Playboy Interview


THE MOVIE: Josie and the Pussycats WHAT YOU Transparent grab for THINK IT sponsor bucks. MEANS: WHAT IT Parody of movies that are MEANS: transparent gSource: Wizard World


THE MOVIE: Horton Hears A Who WHAT YOU All life is sacred, especially THINK IT unborn babies! MEANS: WHAT IT All people deserve equality. MEANS: Dr. SSource: NPR


THE MOVIE: Groundhog Day WHAT YOU Mystical metaphor about THINK IT karma and redemption. MEANS: 3 4 WHAT IT Screwball comedy about a MEANS: dude who gSource: Neatorama


THE MOVIE: The Babadook WHAT YOU The boogeyman's gonna THINK IT get you. MEANS: WHAT IT Grief is gonna get you. MEANS: Director Jennifer Kent says sheSource: The Guardian


THE MOVIE: Fabrenbeit 451 WHAT YOU Censorship is evil! THINK IT MEANS: WHAT IT Television is evil! MEANS: Author Ray Bradbury felt that TV was destroySource: LA Weekly


THE MOVIE: Birdman WHAT YOU Thinly-veiled biography of THINK IT Michael Keaton. MEANS: WHAT IT Biography of the director. MEANS: Specifically, it's abSource: Rolling Stone


THE MOVIE: The Shining WHAT YOU Haunted house movie with THINK IT a psychic twist. MEANS: WHAT IT After-school special MEANS: about alcohol. Jack TorrSource: The Guardian