19 Celebrities Who Are Huge Fans Of Surprising Stuff

Celebrities aren't as "just like us" as they claim to be, but we do have one thing in common -- we're all fans of something or other. And in the case of some celebrities, they're fans of something so refreshingly surprising that it casts them in an entirely new light.

We dug into some celebrity hobbies and found out what the folks other people stan are stanning. Here's what we found:


Johnny Depp has a room full of fancy Barbie dolls. 3 He reportedly uses them to test new voices. He originally collected them for his daughter, and whSource: CTV


Alyssa Milano is serious about L.A. Dodgers baseball. al 88804 ofg And she designs Dodgers gear for women fans. Her line is called Dodgers Touch, and Source: MLB Store


Jimmy Buffett has no chill when it comes to the Heat. He even got himself kicked out of a game. The famously laid back Margaritaville singer is a deSource: Bleacher Report


Benicio del Toro is a huge fan of Iron Maiden. KANMXIDEN And he completely geeked out over the guitarist's daughter. When del Toro found out a productSource: 6 Celebrities Who Are Fanboys Of The Last Thing You Expect


Michael Bay is obsessed with West Side Story. It's the movie that motivated him to go into filmmaking. He begrudgingly took a class on musical theaterSource: 6 Celebrities Who Are Fanboys Of The Last Thing You Expect


Jon Stewart was a soccer phenom, in college. If he hadn't broken his knee, he would have gone pro. Stewart's old team at the College of William & MarySource: Moment


Mike Tyson bsessively loves racing pigeons. And he's like a pigeon encyclopedia. In an Animal Planet documentary, Tyson gives a detailed lecture on thSource: 6 Celebrities (You Never Realized Have Terrifying Hobbies)


Patrick Dempsey is an accomplished juggler. He says juggling changed his life, in school. Dempsey says learning the craft gave him a purpose. And he'sSource: The New York Times


Ryan Gosling turns to knitting, to relax. He says his perfect day would be spent knitting. I did this scene in Lars and the Real Girl where I was in Source: Access Online