21 Unlikely Friendships Among Famous People

They say opposites attract, and few prove that rule as well as these platonic pairings from the past and the present. Read on for the surprising assortment of friendships.


GROUCHO MARX AND ALICE COOPER They pair met when Marx went to a Cooper show. They lived close by, and Marx had insomnia so he would invite Cooper overRead More: 6 Random Celebrities Who Formed Epic Bonds


PRINCE AND MUHAMMAD ALI Prince was a lifelong fan of Ali, and the two met up (albeit as a charity publicity stunt) to bond over their shared love of mRead More: 6 Random Celebrities Who Formed Epic Bonds


PITBULL AND JOHN TRAVOLTA QA Spirit Travolta said his good friend Pitbull inspired him to shave his head. Travolta is a fan of Pitbull, and Pitbull coSource: Mitu


HARRY HOUDINI AND ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE Houdini sent the Sherlock Holmes' author a copy of his book The Unmasking of Robert-Houdin, beginning a friendshiSource: Mental Floss


SAMUEL BECKETT AND ANDRE THE GIANT The Waiting for Godot author was a friend of Andre's dad and would drive Andre to school, a story that Andre told oSource: Mental Floss


BRITNEY SPEARS AND MEL GIBSON Post-public meltdown Gibson reached out to Spears after she had her own public meltdown. The two have counselled each otRead More: 6 Random Celebrities Who Formed Epic Bonds


ULYSSES S. GRANT AND JAMES LONGSTREET The two attended West Point together and managed to stay friends even though they were generals on opposite sideSource: ListVerse


50 CENT AND BETTE MIDLER unu The pair met while working together on the New York Restoration Project. Midler has said, He really makes my life worth Source: NY Daily


JOHN F. KENNEDY AND FRANK SINATRA While the FBI was investigating Sinatra's ties to the Mafia, it was reported that Kennedy spent a weekend with SinatSource: Mental Floss


J.R.R. TOLKIEN AND C.S. LEWIS Both authors were in a literary discussion group at Oxford. The men, along with Henry Victor Dyson, had a long religiousSource: Mental Floss


JULIAN ASSANGE AND LADY GAGA The pair had a five-hour dinner while Assange was hiding out at the Ecuadorean embassy in London. Little is known about tRead More: 6 Random Celebrities Who Formed Epic Bonds


NIKOLA TESLA AND MARK TWAIN Historians don't know how the two met, but the two were seen together frequently. Supposedly Tesla's earthquake machine Source: Mental Floss


SNOOP DOGG AND MARTHA STEWART Snoop first met Stewart on The Martha Stewart Show in 2008. Since then, they've been friends in both public apperances (Read More: 6 Random Celebrities Who Formed Epic Bonds


T.S. ELIOT AND GROUCHO MARX Eliot first wrote to Marx as a fan, and they continued to write each other letters. Their friendship may have been more cSource: Mental Floss


MARILYN MONROE AND ELLA FITZGERALD In order to get Fitzgerald booked at a club, Monroe promised to show up every time she'd perform. Fitzgerald's careSource: ListVerse


BOB HOPE AND DWIGHT EISENHOWER In 1943, then-General Eisenhower enjoyed Hope's performance for the troops so much he wanted to meet him, and their friSource: Mental Floss


HELEN KELLER AND ALEXANDER GRAHAM BELL Before his famous invention, Bell taught students who were deaf and mute. They stayed in touch, and he helped hSource: Mental Floss


ED SHEERAN AND COURTNEY COX Introducted by a mutual friend, Sheeran lived with Cox for three months while he was recording an album. He also supposedlSource: Cosmo


LUCILLE BALL AND CAROL BURNETT The I Love Lucy star was a mentor to Burnett. Ball, 22 years Burnett's senior, even threw Burnett a baby shower. CRACKESource: Mental Floss


HELEN KELLER AND MARK TWAIN Twain met Keller at a dinner party when he was in his last 50s and she was just 14. The two exchanged many letters. Twain Source: Mental Floss


PAT BUCHANAN AND HUNTER S. THOMPSON The unlikely pair met when Thompson covered Nixon's 1972 campaign. Thompson hated Nixon but got along with his conSource: Mental Floss


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