9 Movie & TV Costume Details You Probably Missed

Wardrobe is an integral part of the storytelling experience, yet we are quick to overlook it. Take some time to read up on 9 costume design facts about your favorite movies and television shows.


THE WIZARD OF OZ, 1939 The Cowardly Lion's costume was made from real lion skin and fur. CRACKED.COM Source: Bonhams


MAMMA MIA! HERE WE GO AGAIN, 2018 The young Donnas' costumes are made of the same fabric as the bedroom's curtains. There's even cut-outs in the curta


WITCHER, NETFLIX Borch Three Jackdaws' scaled vest hints at his true identity. No more spoilers other than what the costume deisgner already provided.Source: Screen Rant


FRIENDS, NBC When Joey wore Chandler's clothes, it was TV magic. One costume was made by cutting up and layering bits of Matthew Perry's wardrobe. TheSource: Metro


I LOVE LUCY, CBS The cast's wardrobe, as well as the set and props, were all shades of gray to make sure that the show looked good in black and white.Source:Lucy Fan


BIRDS OF PREY, 2020 Every charm on Harley Quinn's necklace has a meaning. She has a Bruce tag for her pet hyena, several feminist symbols, and a bottlSource: Looper


LORD OF THE RINGS FILMS Aragorn's buttons were embellished with the tree of Gondor, according to the costume designer. CRACKED.COM Source: Screen Rant


HARRY POTTER FILMS All Slytherin students have matching tie pins and rings to show their heritage. No other house has these accessories or such detailSource: Wizarding World


GAME OF THRONES, HBO The elaborate fur capes were actually made from IKEA rugs. CRACKED.COM Source: CNBC