12 Movie & General Knowledge 'Now You Know' Facts

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In 2014, Chris Pratt stole his Star Lord costume... ...SO he could visit sick kids in the hospital. NOW YOU KNOW Source: Syfy Wire


In the 2006 Dreamworks movie Flushed Away... ...there's a rat Han Solo in his carbonite pose, frozen in ice. NOW YOU KNOW


In 1921, the Emperor of China requested a phone... .SO he could make prank calls. (He was 15.) NOW YOU KNOW Source: The Beijinger


Tony's hand when he first realizes he can be a force for good... and the same hand when his journey culminates by saving the universe. NOW YOU KNOW


The floor plans for MI6, Britain's intelligence agency.. !. ...were lost by contractors refurbishing the building. (Some were recovered.) NOW YOU KNOWSource: BBC


The worms in Men in Black are speaking Huttese... ...or at least a form of Quechua, which fans say Jabba's language is based on. NOW YOU KNOW


Some indigenous people have learned bird calls... ...SO they'll know when birds are warning each other about predators. NOW YOU KNOW Source: Popular Science


Remy's recipe in Ratatouille is real. It was created by a chef and takes 31/2 hours to prepare. NOW YOU KNOW Source: Berkshire Eagle


A seventh grader once wrote a letter to Ronald Reagan... ...requesting funds after his mother called his bedroom a disaster area.' NOW YOU KNOW CRACSource: Letters of Note


Snape's costume in the Harry Potter movies... ...is the only one that stayed the same throughout the series. NOW YOU KNOW Source: Hello Giggles


Drivers in Churchill, Manitoba leave their cars unlocked... ...just in case someone is trapped by a polar bear. NOW YOU KNOW Source: CBC


Andy Samberg won an Emmy in 2007 for Music and Lyrics. It was for the song Dick in a Box.' NOW YOU KNOW CRACKEDGOM Source: Emmys.com