Back To The Future Part II's Near-Fatal Accident

Back to the Future Part II's hoverboard scene was memorable for more than one reason. Read more about the horrific behind-the-scenes accident below.


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HOWEVER, A HOVERBOARD STUNT WENT TERRIBLY WRONG 8 It occurs during the scene when gang members chase Marty McFly on hoverboards and end up falling thr


WHILE TESTING THE STUNT, THEY RAN INTO SEVERAL ISSUES T TEXACOL TXACO MOVIECLIPS.COM Stunt performer Lisa McCullough refused to participate, so Cheryl


THE CREW MADE SEVERAL LAST-MINUTE ADJUSTMENTS THAT MADE WHEELER UNCOMFORTABLE. O She asked two coordinators whether they were sure it was safe, and th


Back To The Future Part II's Near-Fatal Accident


Back To The Future Part II's Near-Fatal Accident


SHE WAS SERIOUSLY INJURED, BRUTALLY SHATTERING THE BONES IN HER FACE, RIGHT ARM AND HAND. One of the other stunt performers on set recalled, I got upSource: Gizmodo


WHEELER CONTINUED DOING STUNTS AFTER HER ACCIDENT. She performed in Die Hard 2, the Lethal Weapon series, Charlie's Angels, Transformers: Age of Extin


KEEP THE STUNT PERFORMERS IN MIND NEXT TIME YOU WATCH A MOVIE. Stunt performers constantly risk their lives for our entertainment. Where's their Oscar


WHEELER DIED IN A SHOOTING. On Feburary 12, 2020, Wheeler and her husband were killed during a shoot-out with Wheeler's ex-husband. CRACKED.COM Source: ScreenGeek