The Most Bonkers Boss Battles In Video Game History

At its core, video game design is all about innovation. Game designers are constantly pushing the envelope, challenging expectations, and demanding more of the existing technology.

Once in a while, gamers figure out unintended strategies to smite a well-designed foe. But more often than not, a new dungeon or boss succeeds in challenging the player, or just surprising the hell out of them. Here are some of the all-time most baffling bosses, and the surprising strategies to defeat them:


THE GAME: Metal Gear Solid 3 THE EOSE: The End HOWTO Let him die of old EERT THEM: age: The storied Ancient Sniper could do this all day, but if youYouTube


THE GRME: Yoshi's Island THE EOES: Prince Froggy 30 HOW TO Toss eggs at his uvula. EEAT THEM: Every other boss in the game is enlarged before battle; YouTube


THE GAME: The Legend of Zelda THE EOES: Pols Voice HOW TO Speak into the EEAT THEM: controller. The Japanese Famicom console had a microphone in the cYouTube


THE GRME: Star Fox THE EOSES: Slot Machine BAR SHIELD HOW TO Hit the jackpot. If you EEAT THEM: survive the trippy hidden level Out of this DimensionYouTube


THE GAME: Earthworm Jim 2 THE EDSS: Bob the Killer GOldfish FIGHVP HOW TO Swallow him: After EEAT THEM: playing cat-and-mouse the whole game, Jim finaYouTube


THE GAME: Conker's Bad Fur Day THE EOSS: The Great Mighty Poo HOW TO Huck TP into his mouth. EEAT THEM: This isn't how toilet paper traditionally vanqYouTube


THE GRME: TLOZ Series THE EOEE: Ganon(dorf) Ro 1K1409  A HOW TO Distract him with EEAT THEM: fishing .equipment. You can stun him simply by casting a YouTube


THE GRME: Undertale THE EOSE: The Amalgamates hat's That's That That's That's hat what what what what hey all they all they they all they al ay. say. YouTube


THE GRME: Earthbound THE EOSS: Giygas 660 HP of damage to Giygas! HOW TO P.ray it away. Paula's EEAT THEM: prayers usually have a small; random effectYouTube


THE GRME: Metal Gear Solid THE EOSEE: Psycho Mantis HOW TO Switch controllers. EEAT THEM: The game actually hijacks the controller and memory card to YouTube